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What Is Safeguarding In Business?

What Is Safeguarding In Business?


If you’re in any kind of role, it’s certain you’ll have some kind of responsibilities. Less so than your manager and their manager, but you’ll still have something to be accountable for. It might be your tasks and duties, or you might be accountable for results of the business. Whatever it is, you need to do something, and you will have your own responsibilities be they small or large. That’s life as a working person; you’re going to be responsible for something be it a product, task or even a person! Yes, there are a lot of roles that make you responsible for someone else. At a basic level, this could be a manager who is responsible for the people in their team and their individual performance. However, what if you work with kids – you might be a youth worker, a coach or a teacher – you’ll have a lot of responsibilities.

What responsibilities come with working with the youth of today? Well – as a senior figure in their life, you’re partly responsible for their growth and development. Their are plenty of roles that could put you in touch with youth – you might be a youth worker, a case worker, you might have a career in the Church, you could be a teacher, or work for a charity. You might even be an entrepreneur who runs a startup based around kids. There are a lot of ways that your role would make you responsible for kids or young people.

While a lot of responsibilities obviously fall onto the shoulders of parents – or even the child themselves – you’ve got a big responsibility if your role involves working with children. You are responsible for safeguarding them.

Safeguarding is a big part of general care services (nursing homes, hospitals) and plenty of places will have a safeguarding policy being enforced. Safeguarding means protecting the health of people, their human rights, and well-being – as well as helping them live free from any sort of harm, or abuse – or even neglect. It’s why nurses might raise issues – and why charity workers might do the same.

Safeguarding children is rather unique, because it deals with younger people. It could mean anything like teaching them the dangers of the modern world, to ensuring they are safe at home. It also means reacting to situations. For example, if you work at a school and have seen your computer systems go down and had to use an online school backup to get everything back on track, the obvious effect is that computers went offline – but what about the child who accessed a virus. What do they need to be taught?

If you’re in an area of business or work that deals with the youth of today, you’ve got to do a lot. You need to protect kids from harm, abuse or maltreatment, you’ve also going to help them grow and do your part to ensure they arrive safely into adulthood. You might need to protect children from suffering and harm, and this isn’t easy – but when is working with kids ever going to be simple?


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