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3 Tips To Becoming A Great Leader

3 Tips To Becoming A Great Leader


Behind every great man in the world is a great woman, and behind every great company in the world is a great leader. The leader is not just a person to bark orders, but they are anything and everything that the company needs and doesn’t know it needs yet. Hyperbole aside, the real skill in running a great company is not just the core skills of being tech-savvy or understanding how to balance books…

Thinking Strategically

Keeping one step ahead of every competitor is a big weight on any business leader, but it’s necessary. Keeping yourself poles apart from any other business is a vital component of making your company stand out, and it has its uses in every single aspect of your organization, from hiring the right employees to rethinking your marketing strategy. It’s something that you need to embody as a leader, and this is why so many leaders start to learn left field techniques, from meditation to visualization. So many entrepreneurs embrace these so-called “eccentric” approaches to thinking because it means they are straying away from the norm. And this is where you will come up with your best ideas.

Learning The Act Of Kindness

Simple, but oh, so effective. Every business leader falls into the trap of being the big boss and enjoying being the most powerful person in the room. But will this get you anywhere with your employees, will it earn you respect, or will it make other businesses want to deal with you? Unlikely. You need to learn the act of negotiation, sure, but there is a difference between negotiating and being an all-out terror of a manager. Instead, start to put forward the simple acts of appreciation to all of your colleagues, regardless of where they are on the ladder. It’s the little things that go a long way, and in the case of your employees, it simply shows them that you care, which is a rarity! Simple gifts like appreciation coins or a gift card are relatively inexpensive items that will inspire your colleagues. If they don’t feel appreciated, why would they even be inclined to work harder? Be kind in whatever way you view this, and you will reap a lot of rewards.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Every day in every way you should be finding a method to cut down costs or to implement a process that’s faster and more efficient. In other words, you need to work smart rather than hard. Working smart doesn’t mean cutting corners either, it’s all about finding the most comprehensive solution to a problem in the quickest fashion. This can take some time to learn, but once you find a way to solve problems that work for your business, you need to make this part of your workplace culture. This is why so many businesses have their version of “commandments,” and while these may look great on a wall, they don’t mean squat unless you communicate them to everyone on a regular basis. Working smarter benefits everyone anyway, especially you.


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