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3 Ways To Take On More Responsibility At Work

3 Ways To Take On More Responsibility At Work


Who would have thought that you would be complaining about your job being too easy? But after a period of time it can end up that way, and you start to get bored and question why you’re doing this every day – only to remember that you need money… Obviously. But if you’re feeling rather miserable, you shouldn’t let yourself stay that way if there’s something you can do.

If you want to take on more responsibility, you need to grab it by the horns! Here’s how.

Speak to your boss

The best place to start is with the person in charge. Don’t ask a direct question though, as it’s a lot easier to just say no to – or maybe. Turn it into a light-hearted conversation about your own career goals and where you’d like to see yourself within the business in a year’s time.

If you know there are certain areas that you want to learn about, or new skills that you’d like to develop, have a look where that could fit into the company, so you have a better idea of what exactly you can do and if there is actually room to grow or whether you’re at the limit, in which you may have to start searching through Jobs at Belk that can offer you more exciting experiences and opportunities.

Look for stressed out co-workers

If you see a colleague running around like a headless chicken, whether it be in your department or not, this is your chance to jump in. Find out what they’re doing and go and offer them your help, but only if you know that you are able to do so without putting yourself behind. If you’re lucky, your co-worker should mention what a big help you were around the office, and this will not go unnoticed by other staff members or even your boss (which is the goal.)

Just make sure that they don’t end up taking advantage of your kind gesture and dump everything onto you – only to take credit for your hard work at the end.

Become a pro

Learn as much as you possibly can, and stay on top of all the updates and developments within your department. If you’re seen to be a quick learner and already know what there is to know, you may be moved up into another (higher) sector.

You can do this by researching specific areas online and reading the articles that pop up in your search engine. Anything of use – save and study it, and keep doing this until you know the ins and outs. Another tip is to send those informative articles to the other employees – what they do with it is their choice – but the fact that you’re sharing your secrets with others shows what a real team player you are, and you will gain a lot of credibility within the group.

Whatever way you plan on going about it, just make sure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew. The whole point of this is to gain more responsibility and be credited for it, but you may end burning yourself out for nothing. So make sure you’re benefiting from it.


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