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4 Warning Signs Your Business May Be In Trouble

4 Warning Signs Your Business May Be In Trouble


We start a business with the best of intentions, but that will only get you so far. There are so many other factors at play that, sometimes, our business success is beyond our control. There’s a reason that so many companies end up in failure, and it has little to do with the competency of the people in charge. Sometimes, that’s just the way it goes. If you’ve got your own company, take a look at the four warning signs we’ve outlined below, and take action before it’s too late.

A Slump in Sales

It seems obvious to say that a slowdown in sales should be a cause for concern, but many business owners fail to make the connection, instead of thinking that it’s just a temporary slump. While this might be the case, why take the chance? You should be keeping detailed data of how much business you’re doing, and keeping a close eye on any downward trajectory. It’s worth noting, however, that a lack of growth doesn’t automatically mean trouble, especially if you haven’t been operating under the assumption that your boom periods should be the status quo.

Employees Jumping Ship

You can learn a lot from your employees if you’re willing to pay attention to them. The atmosphere in the office and the happiness of your employees will be a good indicator of how well your company is doing. Why? Because while you might be at the top, they’re the ones on the ground, able to see how things look. If your employees begin leaving their posts and morale seems low, it might be that they’re starting to lose faith in the success of the company. Engage with your workers; they might just tell you something you hadn’t thought of.  

Difficulty Paying Bills

It can happen that a company grows too quickly, and then invests too much of their cash in an attempt to fuel further growth. In other cases, it can be admin errors – such as not paying the tax man – that leaves the company in trouble. If it’s not handled carefully, it could lead to insolvency. If you’ve been cutting it close with your bills, then you’ll need to know how to select the right insolvency practitioners. They’ll be able to give you advice on the best way to proceed and may just save your business.

The Times They Are a-Changin’

Blockbuster once ruled the roost, and now where are they? It’s always worth staying humble because you never know what’s around the corner. If the biggest companies can collapse because of changing winds, then you can rest assured that yours can, too. Try to keep one eye on the future, and also diversify the services you provide. Operating a company is all about being innovative and bold; if you’re not, then your business will have a limited lifespan.

There’s no one resounding death knell for a company. They can always be saved, provided the warning signs are caught early on. If not, you’ll just have to dust yourself down and try again.

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