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4 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Business Once Again

4 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Business Once Again


Starting a business is one of the most exhilarating things anyone can do in life. It probably goes 1) skydive 2) bungee jump 3) fall in love and 4) start a business. It’s just so new and exciting, unknown and unprecedented, and that can have your heart racing from the moment you step into the office to the moment you finally fall asleep.

But this feeling rarely lasts forever. The excitement fades and adrenaline softens and you’re suddenly faced with the reality that running a business isn’t all pinot noir and white chocolates. In fact, running a business can be anything but wonderful. There are tasks you absolutely loathe and things you find boring and each of these can very quickly start to extinguish your passion.

That is why we have come up with a little list of things you can do to fall in love with your business again and ensure that honeymoon period lasts forever.

Outsource The Awful Stuff

There are certain tasks that we absolutely abhor, but we feel like we have to do them because it will save money. However, the truth is, these tasks not only into our time but also dampen our spirits, and both of these are important when it comes to productivity. So, if you can’t stand hearing the words IT support muttered in your vicinity, outsource these responsibilities to someone that specializes in IT and computer services for businesses. If you hate doing your annual tax return or just every day bookkeeping then hire a freelance accountant to save your soul. Whatever you find awful, outsource it.

Delegate The Dreadful Bits

We all find certain business operations about as enthralling as the bleep of a supermarket checkout scanner. Looking over bid documents, checking proposals, ensuring expenses are suitable and then creating spreadsheets to enter them into; these can all be found under the definition of monotonous. So why not free yourself of this soul destroying burden and make the most out of your employees by delegating some of your more painful responsibilities. That way you will be able to smile and use your time on things you enjoy doing.

Automate All You Can

Not only does automating your processes allow you to streamline your business and make it that much more efficient, it encourages you to feel great about yourself too. You’ve just found a way to improve your business, to make life a little easier for yourself and your employees and play the role of leader. That is a fantastic feeling. It is human to feel energized by small successes, and that revitalization will help you fall in love with your business again. More automation means better productivity and that will account for more profit. You’ve got to love that.

See The Bigger Picture

It can be so easy to be caught in the swamps of running a business, battling your way through boring procedures and never feeling like you’ve achieved much with your day. That is why you should set aside an hour or so every day where you can work on your business instead of in it. Don’t just do the work, make a plan for growth and progress by setting goals and figuring out how to reach them. Trust us, by having something to get excited about you will feel that passion start to flare up again.

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