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5 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips

5 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms today. When used effectively, it presents businesses with a great way of attracting new customers, giving a glimpse into their brand, and enhancing existing relationships. With that in mind, read on to discover some powerful Instagram marketing tips that get real results…

Switch to a business profile – Before you try to make an impact using Instagram, you should change your account to a business one. There are a number of marketing benefits associated with this, including the following:

You will increase your chances of your content being seen by your followers in their news feeds

You can easily make and publish Instagram ads without having to use Facebook’s advertising tools

You can get access to the analytics tools that are provided by Instagram, known as Insights, which enable you to see stats such as content reach and impressions

Your followers will be able to click on a contact button in order to easily get in touch with you

Run Instagram contests – Contests are an effective way of building your brand following and getting more customers. You can ask followers to share your post, like it, and like your brand on Instagram in order to enter the competition. For every entry, this person is essentially going to be providing your business with free advertising. It is certainly worth making the prize a good one!

Create content in advance – It is important to post consistently on Instagram. You will only confused your followers if you publish several times on one day, and then you do not publish anything for a few days. While you should not flood your followers, you need to make sure your postings are regular and the timing is consistent. This is where planning your content in advance and scheduling it comes into play. There are plenty of tools to assist with this.

Use hashtags strategically – Hashtags can be effective on Instagram, but only when used intelligently. There are two types of hashtags you can use, which are campaign or brand specific hashtags, as well as content hashtags. The latter may not be as popular, but they can be effective in getting your content found.

Use a professional service – If you are still struggling to make the most of Instagram for your business, it is worth getting in touch with a digital marketing agency. A professional service will take your online presence to the next level, helping you to not only make moves on Instagram, but across all social networks that appeal to your target consumer base.

All in all, there is no denying that Instagram is an exceptionally powerful marketing platform for businesses today, but this is only the case if it is used effectively. Follow the tips that have been provided and you can use Instagram to your business’ advantage.

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