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6 Online Jobs To Earn Extra Money At Home

6 Online Jobs To Earn Extra Money At Home


Not everybody has the time to work a nine-to-five job in some big city office. If you have a family to look after then the thought of juggling two hectic lifestyles might be exhausting. Or perhaps you just don’t like the idea of working for somebody else. Perhaps you’re a little bit more entrepreneurial and want to take control of your working life. Thanks to the internet, this is entirely possible. People can create careers and even businesses from the comfort of their homes.

You might already be working part-time, but it’s not enough to pay the bills. If you’re going to have a job then you want to fully commit to it. Working online could help you find the time to do that. Whether you become a freelancer and build your own company from scratch or you find a big client who’ll give you a long-term contract, working from home is the best of both worlds. You’ll have a steady income and the time to deal with all the other hectic aspects of your day. If you’ve no idea how to begin then here are 6 real online jobs to earn extra money at home.


This is one of the most popular freelance jobs out there. Take a look at this blog, for example. You could get paid money to write articles about your favorite things. You could even write guest posts for other big bloggers or start your own blog and look for sponsorship deals to pull in a new stream of income.


If you’ve always been the academic type and you love the idea of helping others then you might want to consider teaching. Perhaps a full-time role in a public school is out of the question, given your busy life, but you could always look into tutoring people on the internet and start your own school with flexible hours. You might want to check out online English teaching jobs if you’ve always had a love of language. The beauty of education is that there are endless subjects to teach. As long as you have a desire to help others, this could be the perfect career for you; there’s most certainly some topic that you would want to teach.

Web developer.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a gift when it comes to coding or designing websites then you could sell your services online. It’s the kind of service that will always attract clients, whether those clients are big businesses or individuals. Why work as a web developer for a big company when you can create your own business and earn all the profit?

Virtual assistant.

You might have heard of the other jobs on this list, but a “virtual assistant” might be a foreign concept to you. With freelance sites such as Fiverr gaining popularity, there are many big brands (and even individuals) who outsource odd jobs to people on the internet. You could be paid money to be a personal assistant to clients of all sizes. You might even get a long-term contract if a certain client likes the work you’re doing.

Airbnb host.

With sites such as Airbnb taking the world by storm, you should hop on this opportunity to make some money. You could become an Airbnb host and make a steady income by renting out one of your rooms on a monthly basis. Obviously, this would require some work on your part; you’d essentially be running a small hotel business. You’d need to be sociable too.

Dog sitting.

This might be your favorite suggestion on the list if you love dogs and you have to spend most of your day doing chores and looking after your kids. If you’re going to be in the house then you might as well get paid to look after somebody else’s dog and have some company. Does this need any more explanation? Some people would pay to look after a dog for the day.

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