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6 Upgrades That Will Entice People Into Your Store

6 Upgrades That Will Entice People Into Your Store


As we round the corner into the Christmas shopping season, taking the time to think about upgrading your physical store is a worthwhile endeavor. If you’re going to stand out amongst the crowd of retailers, you need to give potential customers as many reasons as possible to choose your store over others — even if some of those reasons might be a little esoteric.

Getting customers into your store is always the most difficult part. When they’re through the door, you can let fly with your best sales techniques, your gorgeous displays, and the sheer quality of the items that you stock. It’s the part before all that that can be the most problematic. It’s therefore wise to consider a few ways you can get more people through the front door, so you can capture their attention, and let the goods you have for sale do the work from there.

Below are six, relatively simple-to-implement options that will help you get customers through the door.

  1. The Ability To Send/Receive Parcels

If you want to up the foot traffic around your store so you can ensnare new customers, then you need to make your store useful. One such way of doing this is to offer the ability to send or receive parcels from your store.

With the rise in online shopping, parcel management has become a crucial sector of the economy. Many people are out during the day — when parcels would usually be delivered — so they use services that allow them to collect, or drop off, parcels at their convenience. Services like Amazon Locker are well worth considering if you have the space, or consider partnering with courier companies. Not only will this increase the number of people going to your business, but it could also be a nice side-earner for you.

  1. An ATM

Even in an age of contactless and phone-enabled payments, there is still a place and a need for cash in modern society. Anyone who has ever worked in a store will have been asked, multiple times, where the nearest ATM is — so why not make your store the nearest ATM? It’s relatively simple to find ATM machines for sale that you can position unobtrusively within your store.

If you choose this option, then make sure you advertise your ATM far and wide. You want to submit to Google Maps, so that if a nearby shopper is in need of an ATM, your store will come up as an option. Placing a sign in the window is also beneficial. Then, work on your displays within the store, so anyone just popping in the use the ATM is tempted to stay.

  1. A Loyalty Card

Here’s one for your existing customer base: loyalty cards. They don’t have to be fancy, computerized items; even the coffee-shop staple of a punch card is a good choice. Customers might never be truly loyal — there’s simply too much choice to ask that of them — but everyone likes a freebie and a good deal. So offering a free gift after 12 purchases, for example, could tempt customers to return.

  1. Free Wifi

Wifi is pretty much an essential for everyday life; no one wants to spend a fortune purchasing data. If you’re based in a shopping mall, then offering free Wifi within the store can help to bring internet-thirsty customers through your store. Yes, this is an expense, but it’s one well worth considering. The mere promise of free Wifi tends to bring people flocking to a location, so why not try it for a month and see if you make more in extra custom than you lose in the wifi costs?

  1. Mobile Phone Charging Facilities

As with the wifi, you can bring people into your store by providing powerbanks that can charge mobile phones. Smartphones burn through their energy at frightening speeds, so users are always on the lookout for places they might be able to replenish. This one is particularly beneficial, as people will have no choice but to browse through your store while they wait for their phone to charge — perfect for you!

  1. Regular Sale Stock

Everyone loves a sale, so running almost permanent sales should ensure customers are always going to be interested in seeing what’s on offer. You don’t have to list huge discounts; just a few dollars off select items will be enough to drive people’s desire to get a bargain.

By putting yourself on the map in these ways, you can be sure that your store is packed with potential customers — and let the delights you have on offer do the rest!

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