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9 Reasons Thinking Like A Web User Helps Smartly Design Your Online Presence

9 Reasons Thinking Like A Web User Helps Smartly Design Your Online Presence


As life increasingly moves online, and businesses do to, it’s becoming clearer and clearer to see which companies have an understanding of how the internet works and who doesn’t.

Companies with bad, unattractive website design can look terrible, and they do as much damage to a firm’s reputation as a bad, offensive television advertisement could. In the modern world, as a business owner, you should consider your website as the main hub in which you approach the world of your customers, as opposed to a secondary consideration to make yourself look a little more appealing in the digital age.

You can be sure that the first thing a customer will think of doing the moment that he arrives at a decision to learn more about your product, is type your company name into a search engine and load up your website. Poor UI, limited information or simple fixable issues like having significant server downtime makes you seem unprofessional and will restrict your purchase.

This could be as simple as not having your entire stores catalogue of available goods for purchase online. If you don’t have these, you are missing out on free exposure for all of your goods, and this is a mistake. The promotional pitch never stops with your products or services, and your website should be no different. This blog explains the importance of having a sleek design for your website while emphasizing the effect this will have on the end user.

So you’ve read the first few paragraphs of this article and have decided that your business’ website is simply not up to scratch. This is your opportunity to begin once more from the ground up. To do this with maximum effectiveness, you should think like a web user during your design process. How would you want to approach a website if you were looking for more information on a business’s activities? The following tips will educate you about how this can help your firm.

It Helps With UI Design

A smart UI is only achievable if you understand how a consumer thinks when they’re making a purchase. For the most part, they have already decided if they want to purchase an item in the same genre as the item you’re selling. They just need to be sold to. You need to provide concise, clear and informative information as well as clear pictures of your product to help them believe you have been upfront with what the product actually is.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t upsell or promote the product to convince them to purchase. This simply means that use of clear description with brevity, and attractive, appealing photo’s of the item is question will make a  consumer feel as though the item was catered to them because it satisfies their ‘information hunt’ almost immediately. Design your website accordingly.

Some positive things you might choose to implement is a ‘pop out’ section where items will reveal more information about themselves on a store page by hovering over them with your mouse. This lessens the need for the user to travel and click around the website to learn more about your product line, increasing the potential ‘marketing per second’  that occurs during a unique web users visit.

It Helps With Promotional Priority

In what store, magazine, billboard or television advertisement could you easily change the promotional material week by week? In this tried and true methods of advertising, to save money, a firm will largely purchase a block of time and push the same message so it gains as much exposure as possible.  This makes sense, because you are not sure where your advertisement might be seen, so it’s instructive to make a targeted advertisement about one thing in particular and push that as hard as possible.

Online though, the world is your oyster. You could push 3 different main page promotions in one day if you want to. This would be overkill and disorienting for your clients, but it could be done. Make sure that you clearly label any interesting offers you have at the front of your store page alongside any other deals you wish your visitors to know about. Write a small description detailing why this is beneficial for the customer to make use of. Eye catching detail works well on the internet, so be sure to have positive graphic design.

It Helps You Seem Original

Thinking like a web user helps you cut down on the ‘jargon’ you might have been guilty of using when selling your wares, and come across as a more original presence. Here you can experiment with humor, relaxed methods of explaining why the products will work for the clients, or generally seem a lot more original than you would seem during a standard advertisement campaign. This is because the space is yours to do with what you please. You won’t have to appease advertising firms regarding length, content or even the age of understanding you wish to target.

It Helps You ‘Remove The Boring.’

Removing the boring is a large part of seeming original, but it is important enough to warrant its own description. Look at most websites, and what do you see? Clear, laid out stores that are clean and practical, but lack a certain appeal. Depending on the firm you have, you might choose to be a little more adventurous. For example, if you run a firm that sells children’s lunchbox juice’s, you might craft a forest or fruity UI design for your website, complete with your own commissioned flash game for children to play that is both promotional, fun, and increases traffic visitation time to your website.

It Helps You Approach Your Customers With Respect

A great UI says to the customer ‘I know what you want and I understand that you want to conduct this transaction as pain-free as possible.’ This allows them to feel respected and like their needs are being considered, which can be a huge advantage in the world of business.

It Helps Lessen The Social Gap

Firms are automatically seen as soulless machines once they get to a certain size, and the trademark gains a certain power. This can make most firms seem unapproachable. However, having a great website design that has the web user in mind during the entire experience allows you to approach the problem from the user’s point of view.

Duly followed, your efforts towards customer outreach are likely to be much more wholesome. This might manifest itself in the form of a persistent online support live chat, or a persistent online profile that allows them to feel like their purchasing power has some weight with promotional offers only they have access to.

It Helps Make Your Website Worthy Of Exploring

An attractive UI or informational capacity on your website means that the web visitor is much more likely to experience all your website has to offer, and not just rely on the social media pages you have set up to tell them the information they need. This is why it’s important to have your entire product line available online, because it allows for a larger span of exploratory shopping movement.

Think of this in the same way as how psychologists will plan the route of a supermarket to help squeeze the most purchasing power from the visitor. In a supermarket, your customer will never encounter the products you’d like to sell if they aren’t introduced to the aisle in which the product resides. This works in almost exactly the same way.a

It Helps You With Support Decisions

More and more businesses are discovering the inherent benefits in providing some form of online support network on their website. This might be as simple as providing a dedicated place to write emails and provide information to your online support team, or it might be as responsive, fast and intuitive as a live chat feature enabled on your Facebook or website support pages. The best firms will use both in conjunction with one another.

Remember, we are living in a digital on-demand age, in which everything is expected to be given within days of each other. This should lend itself to every interpersonal relationship you have with a client of your firm. This also help you keep track of past support queries they may have had, which allows you to tailor your response to the individuals on a case-by-case basis.

It Helps You Secure Repeat Business

If all of the previous tips are followed, you are certain to secure repeat business time and time again. Thinking like a web user allows you to inform creative yet clear UI design, which allows you to focus on creative and clear methods of selling your product. As an end result, your firm comes across looking creative and clear, and those are the two goals of most businesses regarding how they’d like to appear to their customers.

Make the most of these tips today and you’re sure to glean benefit from your new website UI makeover.


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