Home Business Another Day At The Office: Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Workspace
Another Day At The Office: Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Workspace

Another Day At The Office: Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Workspace


Your office is a space where you and your employees spend a huge proportion of your day- as well as your life in general. So it falls to you to ensure that this is a space that’s not only pleasant to work from but allows your business to be productive too. Here are a few upgrades you could consider making that would benefit you, your employees, your business and the environment.

Make it Eco-Friendly

Most of us are now on board with doing out bit for the planet in our homes. We recycle, compost, use energy efficient bulbs and try to prevent wasting water and electricity. But reducing our carbon footprint isn’t something that’s only limited to our houses, we can take steps to do this at work too. Reducing paper, cutting down on disposable plastics such as pens and recycling all helps and is something every office should be aiming to do. According to http://allpointswasteservice.com/news/ we should all be appreciating our trash and recycling workers, and doing more to dispose correctly of our company’s waste. Instead of printing receipts, bills or statements you could email them to customers instead. Instead of leaving computers on standby they could be switched off properly when they’re not in use. Rather than throwing out all of our business waste to go to landfill, we could separate it to be recycled. All of these things make a huge difference, even more so when more and more businesses across the world get on board.

Improve The Decor

The decor and aesthetics of your office are more important than you think, as stated by https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220238. First of all, it provides a nice space for your employees to work from. Light, neutral walls look clean and smart and maximize the light in the room making the office look more spacious. Living plants break everything up, so it looks less clinical, and plus they have been shown to boost productivity in the workplace. Nice furniture, good lighting and decent storage all help to keep the office tidy and pleasing to look at. This will make a good impression to any clients or customers visiting your office for things like meetings and could boost workflow from your employees too.


As well as the decor, the actual layout itself makes a big difference too. Positioning desks near windows mean workers get the benefit of natural light, this is a mood booster and can improve productivity; you can find out more about this here http://www.andrewjensen.net/how-office-lighting-affects-productivity/. Your layout should make sense for your business, for example, you may need some single desks and some larger collaborative areas for group work. It shouldn’t be too crowded, and everyone should easily be able to move around keeping it safe and convenient. Spend some time planning your layout and make sure the office is set up in a way that suits the space and your business.

Have you put much thought into any of these elements of your office? Were you aware of how simple changes in the office could boost business?


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