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How To Build A Brand For Your Business

How To Build A Brand For Your Business


Working from home is the dream for many women. Nowadays having children no longer means that you have to kiss goodbye to your career. Thanks to the internet you can become your own mom boss. You can create your own business that works for you and fits in with your family life. There are many awesome ways to make money from home but where should you start? First things first, you need to start with your brand.

What is your brand?

Whether you are planning on making money from blogging, selling things or freelance writing, your personal brand is incredibly important. Our brand is how we sell ourselves and how we impress potential clients. When we meet someone in “real” life we make a judgment on that person in the first 60 seconds of meeting them. This also applies when we google someone. We will be judging their online presence. Therefore, it is very important that you have a cohesive brand presence. It is your personal branding that will partly determine how successful your business becomes. You really need to take the time to understand yourself. You should ask yourself the following questions –

What are your career hopes?  

  • What are your personal values?
  • What do you want to be known for?

Having a good solid brand will really help give your business a sense of purpose and as a result you will be more confident in your business dealings.

If you are unsure of where to start with your brand then creating a mood board is a great starting point. Collect quotes, photos, anything that speaks out to you. These mood boards can then be used to inform the direction of your brand, your values and hopes. It is really important that you take the time to fully explore the ideas behind your brand as it is your brand that will help you win work later. Fiona Humberstone has written a great book about styling your brand, and it includes lots of useful suggestions and tips.

Creating your online brand presence

Once you have nailed the basics of your brand you need to come up with your personal branding kit. The first place you need to start with is your website. This is like your shop window, and therefore, very important. You want someone like Good Chee who can take your brief and design your very own website for you.


When you have your website it is a good idea to have a logo. This will be on your website, letter headings, emails, social media accounts, business cards. A good logo will mean that your brand is instantly recognizable. You could design your own logo using Canva which is a very easy to use and free! If you don’t feel confident enough designing your own logo then you could hire someone via fiverr where you can find freelancers offering their services.

Business Card

We might all be online but we still need a business card for when we have to attend meetings. A good business card will sell your brand in an instant. You can order your business card online from websites like Vista Print who often have good discount deals on.

Good Luck

You have created your own brand and now you are ready to take your business forward. A strong business brand will mean that you won’t just be mom, you are now a business woman too.


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