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Why Your Business Marketing Strategy Needs Music

Why Your Business Marketing Strategy Needs Music


If you are leaving music out of your marketing strategy you are missing a valuable opportunity to engage with and influence your clients and customers in a meaningful way. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of music. Without them even realizing it, the visitors to your store or to your website are being influenced by what they can hear. Their moods, emotions, perceptions, and preferences will be altered by the music that you play and that will decide if they buy your product or your service or not. It also influences if they remember your brand and if they return to you in the future to make a purchase.

Music grabs your attention

Music is almost impossible to ignore. This is used to great effect in audio advertising but can be used in-store as well. You can use music to portray an image or a dream that your clients aspire to. However, you have to make sure that the sound quality is good or it will have the opposite effect. They must be left with a positive and aspirational image.

There is plenty of guidance available on which speaker drivers would be best for your premises and your audio equipment. The technique they explain is easy to understand and follow. The difference between the three types of speaker drivers that a Bluetooth speaker may include is set out in easy to understand terms so that you can make the right choice between tweeters, midrange drivers, and woofers. Select the tone that suits your marketing strategy and your store premises.

Music suggests quality

Playing music in your store gives an air of quality and projects an image. The aim is to change the emotions of the customer in such a way that they become in the mood to buy something. If they feel relaxed and comfortable that helps a lot. By using the melody tempo, the harmony, the instrumentation, articulation, and expression of different musical genres you can alter the mood of your store environment.

Music is also great at breaking down barriers. It can cross the generations and genders. The value and status of a product or brand can be portrayed through music even if the listener cannot understand the lyrics.

Music makes your product memorable

Music is very useful for making consumers remember your product. All consumers are bombarded by multiple images every hour of every day and these compete for space in their memories. If you can do something to make your product more memorable it will stick around in your customer’s consciousness and they are more likely to return in the future. Research has shown that audio is better at creating memories than visual triggers.

It’s all about absorption. Music heightens the ‘experience’ that a client has when they encounter your brand and this makes it more likely to trigger positive emotions that eventually turn into a sale.

If you want to truly engage with your clients you need to make music a part of your marketing strategy.

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