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Business Owners Need Guidance Too

Business Owners Need Guidance Too


Just because you own a business doesn’t mean that you’re a know-it-all. The most successful business owners are constantly seeking advice from the people around them. Here are five ways to seek guidance as a business owner.

Read books and blogs

There are books and blogs on just about every subject from social media marketing to managing remote employees. Reading these can help you to educate yourself on the things that baffle you the most. Just make sure when reading information, you’re doing it from a good source. A book on business law from twenty years ago might have information in it that is no longer correct, so check that the date is current. Also check reviews of books to get a good idea of how well received their information is.

Hire advisors

Many businesses can also benefit from hiring advisors. Legal advice as supplied by companies like https://www.schoemanlaw.co.za is very valuable and could be useful when setting up your business initially or dealing with difficult employees/clients. Financial advice meanwhile can help you to find solutions when it comes to borrowing money, filing tax and cutting expenses. These are the most common places to outsource advice, however you can also seek out consultancy in areas such as marketing, HR and IT if you see fit. Before taking on an advisor, make sure to read testimonials. You may also want to consider awards and professional body memberships.

Take courses

There are lots of short courses out there that could allow you to expand your business skillset. This could be a short course in accountancy or a short course in employee management. You could even consider workshops in software such as Excel and Photoshop. Sites like https://www.damelin.co.za give information on these courses. Make sure to always read reviews of courses to check that they are seen as helpful by others.

Learn from other business owners

You can also learn from other business owners’ stories of success and failure. You may be able to do this by watching Youtube videos, reading books, reading blogs and attending seminars. You may even have friends that are business owners that you could turn to for free advice. Joining business groups and attending networking events can be another way of meeting fellow business owners of whom you can share expertise with. You can even learn from your competitors simply by keeping tabs on what they’re doing.

Learn from your employees

A good employer doesn’t just employ staff members to order around – instead a good employer looks for staff members that can bring new skills and expertise to the table. If you’re struggling with social media, hiring someone young with a lot of social media expertise could help you to boost your business. If you’re trying to tap into a foreign market that you’re not familiar with, you could similar hire someone from that country to help you get a better understanding of the culture and current needs of the people.


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