Home Business Too Busy to Run Your Business? 7 Tips for the Busy Lady Boss!
Too Busy to Run Your Business? 7 Tips for the Busy Lady Boss!

Too Busy to Run Your Business? 7 Tips for the Busy Lady Boss!


Entrepreneurs are known for being some of the busiest and most hard-working people on the planet. With so much on their mind their entire day, it’s natural to be swamped with tasks and the constant juggling between work life and family life can be difficult. This is why many entrepreneurs opt out of relationships until they’ve built a steady company. Once they’re able to relax a little more, they’ll start looking for suitable partners.

In other words, it takes a lot of time to operate a business and you’ll need to sacrifice many of the things you enjoy in life just to be able to cope with the attention it demands. However, there are plenty of ways to make running a business a little easier to cope with, and here are some of the best ways to run a business when you’re short on time.

Be More Productive

It sounds obvious, but the more productive you are the less time you’ll waste in your business. The major component that will greatly help you become more productive is reducing procrastination. Procrastinating now and then can be a good thing because it usually means that you’re mentally drained or that you need a break. However, giving in to your urges too often will quickly lead to an unproductive business and you’ll find it hard to do anything with your time.

If you want an easier time running your business, then you need to cut down on procrastinating. Try and stay focused on the task at hand and don’t let your mind drift too much. To help you achieve this state of focus, you need to remove all the distractions that you can. Use these suggestions below to help you stay focused on your tasks:

  • Build a working environment – Most entrepreneurs work from home which means they’ll likely end up working on a laptop. A laptop is known for its portability which means it’s a great device to take around to different meetings and so you can carry it to and from work, but it also means you’ll be tempted to work at the dinner table, work in bed or even work while watching television. If you want to stay focused on your job and remove distractions, then you need to build a working environment no matter where you use your laptop. Designate a part of the house to be your office, vow to yourself that you’ll never work in bed and build up your familiarity with your working environment so that your brain instantly switches to work mode when you sit down at your home office.
  • Purchase a second laptop or phone – If you’ve just got a single laptop or computer that you work from then you’ll probably benefit from getting a second one just for work. Just think of how many distractions there are on your current PC. It has all of your games on it, music, videos and random files that might not be relevant to work. This is why getting a new PC is such a great boon for productivity–because you’re less likely to be distracted since you also use your PC for leisure.
  • Set daily goals for yourself – Set goals for yourself every day. Whether it’s something simple like getting some work done before lunchtime or making breakfast the night before, it’s important to define easy goals that help you become more productive throughout the day. The more clearly defined your day and your tasks are, the easier it will be to work hard.

Those are just a few ways to be more productive, but they’re not the only ways. As long as you focus on reducing procrastination, you’ll easily be able to focus more on your tasks so that you spend less time managing your business and more time being productive

Hire Consultants to Guide You

A lot of time running a business could be spent on figuring things out. You should already know that operating a successful business takes a lot of trial and error, but what you might not know is that you can hire consultants like Cochran to help you out. Whether you need assistance with legal matters or a firm that specializes in civil engineering, don’t be afraid to ask for help when it’s needed. You might feel that it’s expensive, but if you’re going to spend time learning the ropes of something then you may as well invest that time wisely by hiring a service to help you out. It’s arguably the most efficient way to guide your business.

Organize Your Business

Organization is the key to an efficient workflow. You’d be surprised at how productive your business is once you take a few steps to organize your company. While a full restructuring might not be required, it’s still a good idea to look at key problems in your company so that you can remove them one by one. First, locate bottlenecks in your company. If you feel that an employee is being too slow because they’re swamped with work or if your managers are micromanaging their staff too much, then you need to step in and remove these bottlenecks so that you spend less time at your business. It’s important to have trust in your employees and organizing your company’s workflow to be more efficient can make things easier for them.

Use Automation in Your Business

Automation is one of the best ways to spend less time at work yet be more productive. Automation typically involves technology. The process of automating something typically takes a bit of setup, but it saves you a lot of time over a long period. For example, if you’re hand-making certain things to sell as a business, then setting up a production line will take a lot of effort (and money) but it will simplify things in the long run. A production line is one of the most extreme examples of automation, but there are smaller examples of automation that could be more relevant to your company. For example, automating mundane things like data entry could drastically reduce costs and errors while also increasing your efficiency. Automation also makes it clear who is in charge of each step of your workflow, and this makes it easy for you to identify bottlenecks and lazy employees. While implementing some form of automation cant take a while to get used to, it’s ultimately worth every penny and bit of effort.

Hire Freelancers and Outsource Work

If you’re finding it difficult to cope with your work demands, then you might be missing out on employees. Sadly, hiring an employee on short notice is difficult due to the amount of work involved and all of the checks required to truly find a suitable employee. As a result, you’ll need to find other ways to cope with increased workloads, and freelancers are the best option. If you’ve been worrying far too much about something like a business logo, then you’ll want to hire a freelancer to take care of the work for you. In other words, it’s possible to spend money so that you personally spend less time at work, and this often involves hiring a freelancer that can take over your work duties.

You might also find it productive to hire an outsourcing company to help you deal with tasks that you are too busy with. For instance, if you find yourself on the phone for long periods of time dealing with customer requests, then your first instinct might be to hire a customer services department. However, the more efficient option would be to outsource your call centre. While this isn’t the best solution for building up a trusting customer base, it does cut costs and will instantly relieve you of your duties so that you spend less time on your business.

Be Less Busy

It sounds incredibly obvious and simple, but you need to learn how to be less busy. If you’re swamping yourself with tasks to complete each day in addition to running your business, then you’re being too hard on yourself and you’ll want to cut down on the amount of work you do. There are only so many hours in a day and neglecting sleep could be more damaging to your business than anything else. If you really want to spend less time on your company, then free up your schedule so that you’re less susceptible to mental fatigue and less likely to be distracted by other commitments.

Hand it Over

Lastly, if a business is simply just too much work for you, then you may want to consider selling it or handing it over. You can still make a profit by being a major shareholder of the company and passing the leadership to a new CEO. It’s usually something that people do when they want to retire or when they want to dedicate themselves to a new project, so it’s not all that unlikely. If you really feel like your business is too much work, then this is probably the best solution.


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