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How Can A Launch Event Help Your Business?

How Can A Launch Event Help Your Business?


There is a moment in the life of any business when it undergoes a transformation. No longer is the business the reserve of your imagination; it unfolds into the public sphere, and becomes a legitimate enterprise. The moment your business ideas take their first tentative steps into the real world is terrifying – but exhilarating at the same time.

The first thing that any new business needs to do is make a splash; make waves; and various other swimming-related metaphors. Without customers, your business plan might soon be retreating back into your mind, unable to fulfill its potential in the real world. That would be a real shame, given all the hard work you have dedicated to getting your idea off the ground.

What you need is a launch event.

What’s A Launch Event?

Pretty much what it says on the tin; an event that launches your business into the public sphere. A launch event will usually feature a speech, an introduction to the product or service you are selling, and usually some kind of freebie to entice the attendees to make a purchase.

Does A Business Have To Be A Certain Size To Have A Launch Event?

Not at all. Any size of business can conduct a launch. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you have a small one-person consultancy business, you might want to keep the numbers you invite down.

Who Do You Invite?

There’s a myriad of people to consider inviting:

  • Potential clients
  • The local press
  • Events managers for relevant trade shows who might want to work with you in future.
  • Other similar local businesses (direct competitors are not advised)
  • Your family and friends.

How Do You Ensure That Guests Attend?

The idea of going to the trouble and expense, only to have no one attend – it’s right up there with the major concerns for a launch event. There’s no way of brushing off the concern, but at the same time, it’s beneficial to try and focus on how you can prevent such a circumstance occurring.

With the right event management software, you can track and monitor who you have invited and if they have RSVP-ed. If they haven’t, then you can extend further invitations, until you have a list of attendees to be confident of. Worrying about an empty event might be inevitable, but actually having an empty event is avoidable with the right management.

Are Launch Events Expensive?

They can be, but it’s worth remembering that starting any business is expensive. Hire a small venue – even a local coffee shop will suffice – and keep things simple if you’re overly concerned about the cost. A few balloons and your phone in a bowl to play music is better than no launch event at all. Given the connections you will make and the visibility your business receives as a result of the expense, then you will likely consider a launch event to be worth the cost.

A launch event can be the first step you make towards guaranteeing your business takes its place in the local business arena. So why not consider it, and give your startup the best beginning it could hope for with a business launch event?

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