Home Business If You Can’t Use Tech Properly in Your Business, Stop Investing in It
If You Can’t Use Tech Properly in Your Business, Stop Investing in It

If You Can’t Use Tech Properly in Your Business, Stop Investing in It


A business has many different parts that make its success. You need good employees that work hard, you need sophisticated technology to keep up with your competitors and you need a product that is actually worth owning in order to grow your company. However, out of all the components that make up a successful business, technology is often the most misunderstood especially if you’re unfamiliar with it.

But I use computers all the time! I know tech inside-out!

This is one of the most common thoughts that people have when starting a business. Sadly, it’s silly to think that just because you use a computer, you understand how and when to use tech in the business. Let’s make one thing clear: technology cannot and will not single handedly make your business succeed.

Let’s put it this way: does the use of a pencil and paper make you an artist? By some definitions, it would. After all, what is considered art or not is subjective, but it’s clear that something drawn by someone with years of experience will have far better chance of selling and making money than something you draw with no experience.

Tech plays a similar role to the classic pencil and paper in art; if you don’t know how to use it, you won’t make money. Technology has many different components that can make or break your business. No amount of IT support or assistance can help your business succeed—it’s all about how you use technology. When it comes down to it, technology isn’t easy to use. You need to understand exactly how to utilize technology, where to implement it and consider the costs of technology or else you’ll suffer a slow and painful business decline.

Learning how to properly use technology

The most common way for people to learn how to use technology effectively is through trial and error. Sure, you can read as many articles as you want, but every business, every workplace and every employee works differently. What works for Google or Apple might not necessarily work for your humble startup. Trial and error is an important necessity especially if you’re unable to afford specialized tech advisors or if you don’t know much about tech in general.

Let’s take a website as an example. Website design is something that has evolved over the past two decades and we’re seeing constant changes to what makes a good website. There are features that, despite having a place in the past, should never be used on a modern website. Responsive design and clear formatting are incredibly important nowadays, and without them, your website will look terrible and turn customers off.

If you’re unable to use technology properly (in this case, by building a good website) then it will only harm the reputation of your business and cost you money. It’s better to have no website than to have a terrible one that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t have the right information and opens you up to unneeded criticism. If that’s the case, you may as well stick to using a Facebook page instead.

In short, if you’re going to grow a business, stop investing in technology that you don’t understand or can’t fully utilize. It’s only going to cost money, time and effort that you simply don’t have. Focus on more important things and wait until you have plenty of extra money and time before you try to implement new technology.

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