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A Complete Guide to Turning a Farm into a Small Business

A Complete Guide to Turning a Farm into a Small Business


For a lot of people, farms are simply a little side project, something to have fun with in their spare time. Perhaps you were born into the farming life and have taken over your parents farm. Maybe the years have passed, and you’re really only looking after the animals and not doing much else.

Well, I’m here to tell you that a farm could end up being a real money maker. If you play your cards right, you can turn your farm into a small business that makes a big profit. Too many people are unaware of all the money you can make on a farm. All you have to do is knuckle down and really start viewing your farm as a business.

In this post, I’ll give you loads of advice on how you can do just that. Have a read of the points below for all the information you need:

Start Growing Grains

Loads of people focus on animals when they’re looking to make money from a farm. However, grains can be the real money maker here. When you’re growing and harvesting grains you don’t have to worry about the costs of looking after animals or any ethical issues you might personally have. Plus, they’re a product that’s always in-demand from businesses throughout the food industry.

How do you think cereal or bread manufacturers make their products? It all starts with grains that they source from farms. As such, your farm could become a supplier for large companies, as well as smaller businesses too. The key is to plant grains you know will sell well and be in high demand. Wheat is always a good money maker as it’s a grain used in so many different foods. Corn, oats, and barley are other grains you should consider planting as well. The good news is, it’s not difficult to grow grains and maintain them. Well, the actual process isn’t complicated, but looking after and harvesting an entire field is hard work.

If you want to make even more money from your grain farm, you could consider distributing the grains yourself. Companies like Construction Trailer Specialists can help by providing you with an agricultural trailer to contain and haul your grains in. You could take it to your customers personally or hire someone to do it. Over time, it may work out cheaper than actually outsourcing a haulage company.

Growing grains is a fairly low-cost venture which means you could make a lot of money from this idea.

Grow & Sell Fresh Produce

A really popular and effective way of making money is to grow your own produce. Once again, farms are the source for most food companies ingredients. Not only that, but you now open yourself up to restaurants and cafes as well. There are many restaurants that like to make a big deal out of the fact they source local ingredients from organic farms. So, you’ve already got yourself some potential clients to go after there.

There is no limit to what you can grow on a farm, it all depends on the climate you’re living in. There are areas of the world that are perfect for growing certain foods and fruits, and there are some areas that would be awful at growing the same things. Your best bet is to have a look online and figure out what will grow well for you based on where you live. After all, you’re looking for quality here. No one will buy your produce if it tastes awful, that’s just a fact.

Much like the grain idea, you can distribute food yourself. Alternatively, you may find that restaurants, cafes, or supermarkets come to you themselves to pick up their produce. But, one other way you can make money – and this is a great idea for small farms – is to attend farmers markets. Here, you can sell your fresh produce directly to the consumer, opening up a whole new avenue for your business. You could even take your own produce and turn it into jams or sauces which you can sell at these markets. If they go down well, it may open up the possibility to create these products and get them into shops!


Make Money With Animals

Finally, we move onto probably the most common way of making money from a farm and turning it into a small business. Yes, having animals on a farm can be a real money-maker, although not everyone is keen to use them for food purposes. Sure, you will get a lot of interest from restaurants, supermarkets, and big companies in the food industry. However, if you have obvious personal issues against eating meat, then this won’t be a great way for you to make money. It’s also potentially expensive and not very nice to do.

Therefore, you might want to consider making money in other ways with your animals. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is operating a milk farm. Milk is always in high demand, and you could get a herd of cows and milk them. You can then sell this milk as it is, or use it to create cheeses, etc. Again, you can sell to supermarkets, become suppliers for restaurants, or even attend farmers markets with your fresh milk/cheese.

Another idea is to actually trade your animals. Did you know there are markets in which farmers come together and sell their animals to the highest bidders? You could buy a few lambs and then grow them into sheep, get a load more lambs from the sheep, and sell them at a market for a profit.

As you can see from all these ideas, there are many ways you can turn a farm into a small business. The great thing is, operating costs are fairly low for all these ideas, particularly compared to other, more traditional, small businesses. You can definitely make a profit, and there’s always room to expand your farm by buying more land and maybe combining more than one idea together. All in all, if you have a farm and don’t know what to do with it, these ideas can help you start making money.

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