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Considering Long-Term Staff Management Practices

Considering Long-Term Staff Management Practices


It can be extremely worthwhile to consider the long term life of your firm from time to time. This might sound like a joke to deal with if you’re struggling to even make it past your first five years, but sometimes a little planning and forethought can go a long way, and can help you make preparatory decisions to help you push forward. Of course, your firm is going to change over the years. But if you manage the most important resources importantly, it might be that you can retain them for the longest amount of time possible. This is where we begin to think about our staff. Staff are unique in your firm in that they’re not a system, although their behavior can be systemized due to your training protocols and tasks needing to be complete, that doesn’t mean they lose their autonomy as individuals.

For that reason, just as your staff will be thinking of the potential for long-term loyalty to your firm, you should be thinking of this in a few different ways. We have listed those below:

Upwards Mobility

It is extremely important for staff to feel as though they have a future at your firm. More importantly, it’s important you retain your staff because individually, they are quite an investment. Training over the years takes time and resources, and so while it’s perfectly acceptable for your staff to leave, from a pure economic standpoint it can be worthwhile to encourage them to stay.

Routine training, hiring for higher positions in-house, and allowing someone the potential of specializing and working at your firm through the economy of multiple roles can be a fantastic long-term practice. While fresh ideas from new recruits are always necessary from time to time, never undervalue the true value of those working for you now.

Long-Term Access

When working with a staff member for a long period of time, they will likely move roles as explained before. This can be a logistical difficulty for some firms, especially when granting access to certain documents, especially when transitioning through the monthly effort to keep your firm sustained, and especially when trying to give those staff a compatible, comprehensive and easy-to-use workflow. This is where intelligent access management solutions can help your firm skyrocket in ease of access, stay bolstered in security and help the life of an employee remain nothing but convenient, with little boundary between them and the completion of the work in front of them.


A staff member should feel as if they have an iota of influence in your firm.  Developing a staff member is one thing, but it’s quite another for them to feel where their influence has been felt. Celebrate your staff. Give them credit for the systems and ideas they generate and apply. Understand their management style and try to adopt its virtues while eschewing its negatives. This helps your loyal staff member remain embedded in the DNA of your firm, and you can be sure that means plenty to most people.

With these tips, consider long-term staff management practices is sure to be worthwhile.


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