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What Do Your Customers Want To See On Your Website?

What Do Your Customers Want To See On Your Website?


You often think about your company website from a business point of view. You know the golden rules of a strong online presence: an aesthetically pleasing home page, intuitive menus that can be easily navigated, and easily identifiable links to our social media channels and blog. But what about the customer? What is it in terms of content that they want to see on your website? It could be the most dynamic, relevant and visually pleasing website but without high-quality content, it will be hard to generate a new lead or secure a sale. Take a step back, reflect and check if your website is fulfilling your customers needs and wants.

Are You Personable Enough?

Customers are now more savvy than ever when it comes to choosing who they will purchase products from. They place a great deal of importance on the face behind the company. It’s vital that you explore your experience, your personality and a little bit about your personal life to give your company a human face. Write using an informal, bright and witty tone to engage the reader and give them confidence in the company that they are buying from.

Do You Include Reviews?

Any website that doesn’t include reviews from previous customers is going to ring alarm bells for your potential new consumer. Put a link to your Facebook likes, show off your glowing testimonials and consider an in-depth case study. This not only shows the level of customer satisfaction that your company enjoys but also demonstrates in detail the service you provide or shows off the product that you sell. By displaying third party validation, you are increasing the levels of purchaser confidence.

Is Your Core Message Message Clear?

It’s difficult to be concise and clear when writing about a topic that is so close to your heart. You are passionate about your business and could talk about it and write about it for days on end. Your customer, however, leads a busy life and needs you to get to the point. If you tend to waffle, your website will lose relevancy, won’t appear high in the rankings of search engines and will have little or no traffic. One solution could be to outsource your website design to a company that specializes in SEO services that deliver results. Their goal is not solely to get your website higher up the Google rankings, but to convert your extra traffic into sales and profit. Tapping into external expertise that you don’t have in house frees you up to concentrate on implementing other aspects of your business vision.

Try thinking about your online presence from your customer’s point of view. Ask unbiased friends to venture onto your website and give them a simple questionnaire to complete. Ask for their feedback on ease of navigation, quality of content and design. More importantly, ask them what is missing and act upon it. By seeing your website through the eyes of your customer, you can enhance your online presence.


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