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How To Deal With Bad Vibes in The Workplace

How To Deal With Bad Vibes in The Workplace


Your performance in a workplace is always dependent on your surrounds. If you are surrounded by hard working, honest people, you will thrive. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by individuals who are dishonest, bitchy or bullies, your performance in the workplace may suffer. If you are in this position, you may also find yourself lacking enthusiasm in your job, and find what was once your dream job is now something you dread getting out of bed for in the morning. There are a range of strategies to deal with issues in the workplace, however you must first identify what issue you are dealing with before taking further action to solve it.

Communication issues

Communication in the workplace is crucial, and good performance relies on good communication. Lack of communication can create issues is the workplace that make it hard for you to get the job done. To resolve communication issues it is generally best to approach the issue rather than ignore it. The best way to approach an issue with communication is in person, rather than email or via a note. If it is approached in person, there is no way the other person can say they did not get the message, whereas electronic or paper messages may cause further communication issues as they can easily be misplaced.

Interpersonal issues

It is impossible to like every single person you work with. If you did, you would be a superhero. Despite this, it is crucial you appear to get along with everyone in the workplace, as addressing your dislike for someone can create worse vibes for a workplace than needed. In a workplace setting it is important to remain calm, collected and above all professional at all times to avoid interpersonal issues. By losing your cool at a colleague you are making a toxic workplace environment not only for yourself, but also everyone around you. Generally in the real world if you dislike someone, you can avoid them. Unfortunately in the workplace it is impossible to ignore a colleague as there is a job to be done. When interacting with someone you dislike try to smile your way through the interaction and ignore any mean remarks. Professionalism can take you a long way in the workforce.

Workplace bullying

Bullying in the workplace is a common trend, and many people end up hating their jobs or leaving and finding new ones due to the lack of control employers have over the harassment and discrimination in their workplace. Sadly, these issues can lead to even larger issues such as depression outside of the workplace and on the most extreme level alcohol and drug use by the person who is being bullied. Bullying in the workplace is petty, and creates tensions throughout the workplace for not only the bully and the victim, but also those who witness it. If you are aware of workplace bullying occurring in your workplace, it is a good idea if you step in rather than ignoring. Bullies are often harassing others due to their own insecurities, and they generally want to impress everyone around them. They will often stop and feel embarrassed when they are told what they are doing by someone who they were trying to impress.


Gossip in the workplace is quite a common occurrence. If you have ever worked somewhere where all employees are working in a tight knit environment, you will find that gossip can spread quicker than the cold and flu does in the workplace. Although everyone loves a little bit of gossip, it is important not to give it to much attention, as others actually despise the fact someone is talking about them. Although it is separate on this list, gossip is actually a form of bullying, and can also cause bad vibes for everyone involved. So next time you try and interact with some workplace gossip, have a think about who it is affecting and whether it is worth adding any more fuel to the fire.

Overall, there are many things that create bad vibes in the workplace. Bullying, gossip, interpersonal issues, and lack of communication are just a few of the things that add to it. To avoid confrontation and adding to the bad vibes, if you witness any of these actions in the workplace it is best to address it directly with the persons involved. If this does not cease the behaviour, it is suggested to take it further to your employers. It can be a difficult step to decide to take it further, but everyone involved will be grateful for it once the bad vibes in the workplace have ceased to exist. If you are an employer, ignoring such issues may mean you will have a lawsuit on your hands.


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