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An Employer’s Guide To A Happier Workplace

An Employer’s Guide To A Happier Workplace


A happy workplace is a productive workplace, so if you’re the boss of any kind of company, large or small, you need to focus on the welfare of your employees. Do they stride into the office with a spring in their step, or do they herd in like the proverbial lambs to the slaughter? As the boss, you are responsible in part for your employee’s happiness. How can you improve their day? Well, consider the following as examples.

Remember your employees are only human

You know your employees are human beings, but you need to treat them as such. While they are coming in to work to do a job, they still have feelings, emotional temperaments, and personal hang-ups. While you shouldn’t cater for their every whim or worry about every word you say to them (in fear of hurting their sensitive feelings), you still need to offer them respect and value. Knowing them by their name and not just their national insurance number is a start, and having some knowledge of what makes them tick will let them know you have some interest in them as people, and not yet another work drone.

Manage employee stress levels

If your employees are constantly ringing in sick, there may be issues around stress. This usually comes when you are overworking them or asking them to take on board anything they are not equipped to deal with. Workplace bullying is another common factor. It’s important to take this seriously. More and employees are taking out compensation claims against their employers due to stress, seeking help in private damage from leading law firms. Whether you are directly to blame for harming your employee’s stress levels or not, you need to take steps to listen to them, help them overcome difficulties in the workplace, and take appropriate action to alleviate the stress they are feeling.

Give a boost up the career ladder

Some people are content to work in the same position year after year, with a salary that rarely changes. Then there are those people who want to better themselves, rise up the ranks, and earn the big bucks that a greater position allows. As the boss, you may have risen up the career ladder yourself. So, taking the steps that you have possibly made in your life, give your employees a fair chance at improving their prospects. This includes promotion opportunities, training to build skill levels, and offering career coaching. Fail to do so, and your employees may take their leave of your company to find a place to flourish elsewhere.

Improve the work-life balance

In today’s interconnected world, it’s easier than ever to let your employees work from home occasionally. Using cloud computing, you can still keep in touch with your staff members, and work on important documents together. You might even work from home yourself. This cuts down on the rigorous demands of the daily commute and gives your employees the opportunity to manage family matters without having to take time off work. Alternatively, you might want to implement a shorter working week occasionally or reward employees with more time off after the successful completion of a project.

Final word

You don’t have to take any steps towards a happier workplace, but you are doing your business and your staff a disservice if you don’t. Take the appropriate steps today, and you will give your happiness level a boost, as well.

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