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Engineering Your Success In This Male Dominated Industry

Engineering Your Success In This Male Dominated Industry


It doesn’t matter which way you look or which country you poll, engineering is one of those industries that remains heavily dominated by males. However, to think that women can’t have a huge amount of success in this field would be a bigger mistake than thinking Donald Trump would make a good president.

The big question, of course, is how can women succeed in this sector? What can you do to boost your career prospects and make it in the man’s world of engineering?

Well, to help you on your journey, we have pulled together a list of tips and tricks to make the career path you walk along a wholly sublime one.

Better Than A Degree

A degree is great, a Master’s is better. The further you take your levels of qualification the more you are going to boost your career potential and the more momentum you will give yourself. In this day and age where more and more people are getting a degree, you need a Master’s to stand out and prove you are serious about the direction you want to head. Couple that with the fact more and more of the major companies are making a Master’s degree a basic credential and this becomes a very important factor.

Know Just How Wide The Horizon Is

This is one of those sectors where choices are in abundance, it is just a matter of realizing that. It isn’t just about trying to break into aerospace engineering or automotive companies, it is about understanding that this field stretches far beyond that. We’re talking about biomedical engineering, energy companies, railway operations and more. The more research you do the more you will be able to see what niche you want to focus on and carve out a career within. It is about stepping away from the obvious and seeing where else engineering is required.

Never Stop Networking

It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, networking is key, something that is especially true in engineering. So reach out to people that could mentor you, speak to colleagues that are making headway and ask them for advice on how to grow. Get in there with suppliers that you know have a foothold in engineering because arming yourself with a black book of contacts is going to be beneficial, whether these contacts be a stainless steel sheet specialist or a laser drilling business. Get out and join industry groups too because this will see you start to speak to individuals in your chosen field, as well as see you attend events, conferences, seminars and get access to a ton of resources that are going to benefit your success. The more you network, the more chance you have of raising your profile and landing opportunities that would have otherwise not fallen your way.

Ignore Every Single Stereotype

You have already considered engineering as a career, which means you have already ignored one of the biggest stereotypes there is. That same attitude and ability to throw stereotypes to the wayside are going to see you open up your chances. Engineering isn’t exclusive to men in the same way a career in engineering doesn’t mean you have to wear overalls. The good news is, the world is becoming a lot more reflective and understanding of what the stereotypes of their working environments are like, which has seen them do more to eradicate these. The world has moved forward, and holding onto that notion is going to see you make huge strides.


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