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Focus On The Human Side Of Your Growth Strategy

Focus On The Human Side Of Your Growth Strategy


What are the first principles that come to mind when you think of business growth strategy? Is it effective marketing? Or maybe business intelligence? Or are you considering the acquisition of new investors? Naturally, marketing, data, and investments are essential elements of the deployment of your growth strategy. However, a lot of businesses still fail to reach up to the next level despite working with a thoroughly and effectively planned strategy and receiving generous funding for their expansion. What could be the problem, you wonder. The answer is simple. Businesses are made of people. Without them, there is no growth. Without taking the people into account, there can be no business success. From finding the perfect employees to offering your tea, the leadership they deserve, everyone in the company plays a not quantifiable role in the long-term success. The error of too many entrepreneurs is to believe that because it isn’t quantifiable, then it doesn’t matter.

Talented recruiters, talented employees

There is no denying that your employees can make or break your business, and that’s why it’s so important to invest in a talented team when you want to drive business growth. You need people you can rely on to do the work and to do it well. But more importantly, where there is a talented team, there is a talented recruiter who works with the latest tools of the HR sector. Manual filing of candidates is not a viable option anymore. You want your recruitment team to work with quality software tools from ATS Software Vendors to track applicants, streamline the hiring and verification processes and stay organized. It’s not only a matter of saving time. It’s about ensuring that each applicant can be screened to your criteria while avoiding human error – from specific certifications to background checks.

Team building strategies

Entrepreneurs are divided about team building strategies. For some, it’s a waste of time, For others, it’s the most valuable tool in the business. The O2E Brands work heavily with team building activities to help their teams get together. As a result, they’ve been voted one of the best places to work. How do they do it? They make team building activities feel natural so that each experience has an emotional connection. More importantly, they try to surprise the employees and choose events that are out of the ordinary and don’t feel like a day at work. The result? The team works together positively as one single man.

How are your leadership skills?

Being a good leader doesn’t mean that you have a great business acumen. It means that you can inspire your team and make them feel invested in the overall vision of the company. From micromanagement to paperwork freaks, there are many ways poor leadership skills reveal themselves. But the most obvious is to ask yourself whether your team is enthusiastic about the company. If they lack interest, it might be a sign that they lack direction. And without direction, how do you want your team to lead you to success?

No business can sustain their growth strategy without working with the right people: within the team, to select the team, and finally to guide the team. If you want to succeed, you need to put back the human being at the center of your business vision.

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