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Freelancing Your Way Around Canada

Freelancing Your Way Around Canada


One of the best thing about being a freelancer, apart from being able to stay in your pajamas all day and drinking enough coffee to sink a battleship, is that you do not have to be location specific. That can mean you can work anywhere you want. So you can take your laptop downstairs, or to another country as long as you get the work done. In particular, a popular destination for digital nomads is Canada, so if you are considering traveling this fine country while freelancing, read on for some advice on how to make it work.

Travel light

The number one rule for traveling as a freelancer is to travel light. Yes, I know you have the added bulk of your work equipment but if you can’t do it with a laptop, cable, and mobile phone then maybe it’s not suitable for a freelance post after all.

But don’t just apply your packing light to your work stuff but to everything you take. That means bare essentials only! To help with this, you can cut down on packing room by constructing a layered capsule wardrobe which will be suitable for many different climates.

Know your time zones

Another vital rule of being a digital nomad is to know your time zones. That is not just the one you are in now and the one you are traveling to, but also the time zones of the client you are working for.

This is essential as it helps you stick to deadlines and helps you know when to contact you clients to get the best response. Otherwise, you may have to wait for almost 24 hours for a reply on a tiny change you want to make.

Get your documents  

Something else you will need to be on top on as a digital nomad traveling to Canada is having an up to date passport, and the correct visa and permits to enter the countries you are visiting.

Remember Canada does have a fast travel visa system that allows some travelers to enter with an electronic visa waiver. They also have put in place a Canadian fast track visa system for skilled workers to enter the country. So you will need to check what category you fall under and apply for the right permission before you travel.

Have fun while you are there

Lastly, one of the most important things that digital nomads that are traveling around Canada can do is remember to have as much fun while they are there as possible! Yes, you have work commitments but never let them take over and dominate your time when there are so many amazing places to visit.

You may want to head up North to the Yukon and check out what it’s like living so close the Arctic Circle? Maybe you’ll even get to see the Northern lights while you’re there? Or head over to the Rockies for some amazing skiing, snowboarding, and a great social life.

Then there are the amazing cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary to visit. Each has their own distinct vibe and selection of cultural treats for the traveler.

So just don’t spend too much time glued to that laptop, OK?


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