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Get Your Office Ready For Halloween!

Get Your Office Ready For Halloween!


As the end of the year is fast approaching; events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and will invade almost every part of our lives. Just because you are working in an office doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the spoils of the holidays too.

The trick to a great Halloween in the office is to know what you can afford to do with the time you have and the space. You don’t need to stay straight laced for the whole year, don’t be afraid to let out a bit of creativity and bring a happy atmosphere to your workers this holiday season.

Make Some Space

Before you consider purchasing that giant blow-up ghost from the store; think about creating some space in your office by getting rid of items you no longer need. Many of us will have piles of paperwork, electronic devices and cables strewn over the office from working days, and wanting to decorate is the perfect motivation to get rid of these items. Consider getting rid of old printers and other electronics by recycling them, you can find Steps for Electronics Recycling online. Clear out the nooks and crannies of your workspace to make way for colour and light. Of course, all of this will be done on your lunch break and not during work time!

Keep it Simple

Remember, you are at work not at home. You don’t want to spend too much on fancy decorations for your office. Find some simple pumpkin or bat string lights and hang them around the room. Use cobwebs to make the corners of the office feel older and maybe even find some Halloween tinsel to adorn your desks. It doesn’t need to be too crazy in there.

Carve Some Pumpkins

On your lunch break, spend some time with your colleagues and carve some jack-o-lanterns for the inside and outside of your building. Create a fun atmosphere and a spooky feel to the room by lighting LED candles inside and placing them around the building. You could even make it a competition and give a price to the best design!

Serve Up Spooky Treats

On the Friday before you break up for Halloween celebrations, why not hold a small afternoon party with your workers? It will allow you to network with your colleagues and create a better relationship between you all. Make some ghost cupcakes, serve up a (non-alcoholic) witches brew… and even create some zombie mud pies. You’ll all get to know each other and be able to wind down after a week of working.

Get Involved With Charity

Finally, why not host a dress up day at your office to raise some money for charity? You could create a competition with prizes for the spookiest costume, best makeup and funniest dress up. It will be fun for all of your staff and in turn raise some money for a good cause. Sell raffle tickets to your workers and use the proceeds to give to charity.

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