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Getting Creative: Branding Your Own Business

Getting Creative: Branding Your Own Business


Building a business from the ground up is a huge feat and an amazing accomplishment. It requires total dedication, passion and a drive for success. Whatever your business is, whether it be a blog or a craft shop, you must think carefully about branding. Your logo, color scheme and overall vibe will be determined by what you decide to create, and this could change the overall feel of your business. For example, many bloggers will use brush lettering and pastel colors to offer a relaxing environment for the reader and clean, modern feel. Whereas, DIY brands may use black and bright colors such as orange to stand out from the crowd and grab your attention. It is a tough balance on working too hard and not hard enough on your branding, but it is ultimately an essential element to work on.

Social Media

Social Media is the single most useful tool for the 21st-century business owner. From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and LinkedIn. Everybody uses social media on a regular basis, meaning it is the perfect platform to marketing your budding business.

Before you go all in and decide to create an account on every platform, consider your aims and target audience. If you are a fun fashion brand, then Instagram is a great option because you can show off your pieces and gain attention from influencers and models. A sports brand may want to utilize YouTube and recruit athletes to test out their products on camera for the audience. Or maybe you are a food blogger, and you can use Facebook Video and Pinterest to make people drool over your recipes.

Each social media has a different style, a different purpose and a different way of expressing content to it’s followers. You need to decide whether your content will be more video driven, photography driven or contain useful tips and tricks. This will help you narrow down your options and choose the right option for you and your brand.

It is also important to consider what tone of voice you want to present to the world. Do you want to be straight laced and professional, or fun and relaxed? Not all social posts have to contain products or sales. It’s called social media because you are meant to be social. Engage with your audience in a profound way and gain a reputation for yourself and your business.

Create Your Logo and Graphics

Here is where you can really let your creative juices flow. You don’t have to be a qualified graphic designer to be able to make your own logo and headers. Photoshop is a great place to start with your own photos and create simple borders and edits to make them stand out. However, if you really want to go all out, Canva is an app which lets you choose what type of image you need to create (e.g. Facebook Header) and will provide templates for you to edit. You can create stunning images and infographics within minutes. Post them to your social media sites, on your blog and even use them to create postal flyers. The possibilities are endless, and you will have full control over your design.


If you are a business who plans to go to marketing events or trade shows, then making sure your stand reflects you and your business is key. Whether you decide to install a full bathroom/kitchen, hang up some of your tools on the wall, or even provide free samples of your product; it requires planning. You may find yourself looking through catalogues for banners and pieces of vinyl, debating why coreflute is the best print material. Or maybe you’ll decide on a minimalist approach and just add some bunting to your table. Events are a hive of activity, and they allow you to interact with the public and with other business owners. You might even find yourself inspired by what someone does with their stand.

Shop Design

Once you’ve established your brand, gained social media presence and built a rapport with your customers, it may be time to open up shop or have a makeover on your existing premises. It is key that your color scheme, font and logo match what is on your online accounts. This is crucial so that your customers recognize your logo and are drawn inside. If your shop is located on a busy road, it may be good to consider placing a sign close to the road to catch people’s eye as they drive through.

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