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Good Ways to Green Your Business

Good Ways to Green Your Business


Are you an entrepreneur who’s also keen on protecting the environment? I’ve got good news for you: greening your business can also increase your sales.

Consumers are becoming more interested in environmental issues, and as many as 55 percent of them are willing to pay a little more for eco-friendly products. This means that you could make a very good living by greening your business, but how exactly do you do that?

Here are some very good ways to green your business right now:

Set Up an Eco-Business

Obviously, the best way to green your business has to be by running a wholly green business from the start. So, if you’re at the ideas stage, and you haven’t yet got a business up and running, why not look into a starting a green business like an eco-friendly camp site or an organic food farm? You’ll be eco-friendly right from the start, putting you in a great position to capitalize on the green market straight away.

Turn Your Waste into Energy

If your business is the kind that produces a lot of waste in the process (think farming and manufacturing) investing in a briquetting machine, which turns that waste into fuel, which you can then use to run your company on, is a great idea. If you do it right, you might even be able to become carbon neutral, depending on your other business practices, and that will certainly give you more credibility with green types, not to mention the amount of money you could save by doing this!

Pay for Carbon Offsetting

Another thing you could do to minimize your company’s impact on the planet and encourage concerned environmentalists to choose your company over the competition is by paying for carbon offsetting. This will ensure that trees are planted to counteract any negative impact your business has, which is always good, and because it’s so inexpensive, it won’t really hit your profits too much, In fact, if it encourages more people to buy from you, it will actually boost your profits.

Use Recycled Materials

If you’re serious about being a green business, then whatever possible, you should use recycled materials. This includes in the manufacturing process and for things like packaging and marketing too. Recycled materials are usually no more expensive than less environmentally friendly alternatives, and they are pretty much never more expensive, so you have nothing to lose by using them.

Install Recycling Bins

Installing recycling bins in your office or place of work is one of the easiest ways to boost your business’s green credentials. Just make sure that your employees know about and are encouraged to use them!

Green Procurement

Green procurement basically means that you source your goods from sustainable suppliers. If you do this, you can create a green chain from source to end product, and that will make a huge difference to the planet and impress all of the right people, especially if you use green delivery companies too, believe me!

Do you run a green business? What do you do to make your business more planet-friendly?

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