Home Business The Greatest Dangers To Your Employees Aren’t What You Think
The Greatest Dangers To Your Employees Aren’t What You Think

The Greatest Dangers To Your Employees Aren’t What You Think


If you’re running a business, you might think you have a rather good idea of the common dangers that you need to look out for when keeping employees safe. But you might be surprised to discover some of the common dangers that could impact the health and safety of your workers. Some are apparent in office buildings while much more can be found on work sites and in industrial job sectors like manufacturing.

Why is it important to be aware of these dangers? Well, the threat of a lawsuit is always looming somewhere over your head whenever employees are involved. If they are hurt, injured or even emotionally affected due to your action or inaction, you could face a rather large fine. Obviously, this won’t be such a major issue for a large business but for a small company it certainly could be. You should also take into consideration how this could impact the reputation of your business and how people view your company.

So, what dangers do you think could be present in your workplace. We imagine you are aware of the threat of a slip, trip or fall. This could be due to a loose wire across the floor, an uneven piece of carpet or the classic, wet floor. Each of these dangers could lead to a broken leg or even a spinal injury. We’re sure you have set up your office environment to prevent this type of injury.

But what other injuries can accidents could be a possibility in your business?

Issues With The Air

You should definitely consider the quality of the air in your business environment. This is particularly problematic in industries where wood or metal is being cut to pieces, ready to be used in manufacturing or for a wide range of other different uses. During processes like this small dust particles get into the air that can be dangerous, even potentially deadly. Usually, there are two ways to resolve this issue. Many people decide to provide proper wear for their employees to ensure that their faces, eyes, and ears are protected by these dust particles. In other cases, it might be worth looking at a way to clean the air supply. With companies such as Your Dust Collector, it’s possible to get the equipment you need for your business set up and ready to go. You might think that equipment like this is only necessary in heavy-duty industries. But that’s not the case at all.

In fact, keeping the air clean could be essential in any business environment where there might be a poor airflow.

Long Days, No Breaks

One of the major issues in the American workplace right now is certainly RSI. Repetitive Strain Injury is believed to affect 1 out of 100 workers. It is the number one work-related injury in America today, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Nor should the issues it causes be underestimated. If you have RSI, it’s likely that you will have issues that only get worse. RSI starts with pain in the upper limbs that is rare and fleeting. Eventually, it reaches the point where it is either chronic or constant. It is worth pointing out that a worker with RSI will not be able to operate effectively. As well as this, they will certainly be in the position where they can possibly sue you for causing their injury. As such, it is crucial that you do encourage employees who spend the day working on a computer to take breaks and ensure that the pain never develops.

Infections And Water Issues

Health and safety regulations require every work facility to have bathroom facilities with working toilets that keep hygiene levels high. That said, there are many businesses across the country where the toilets are not kept clean. This is actually more of a problem for the business that most owners realize. With poor hygiene levels, it’s quite common for entire staffs to get infected with an illness and go off sick. You can imagine what that does to the efficiency level of the company as a whole. As such, it is worth taking extra precautions to ensure that things are kept clean, such as hiring full cleaning teams.

Of course, sometimes it’s just a case of encouraging workers and employees to keep proper levels of personal hygiene and cleanliness standards high. Even putting up signs encouraging workers to wash their hands could make all the difference.

We hope this helps you see the true dangers impacting your workers in the business, at the office or in your factories.


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