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The Importance of Following the Rules of SEO

The Importance of Following the Rules of SEO


If you have a website for your business (which you should), you need to know about SEO or search engine optimization. You don’t need to be an expert, but it is important to know the basics. It’s likely you already know some of the important information. However, perhaps you find yourself wondering whether really necessary to follow all these rules. The answer is yes, and here’s why.

Improve Your Website’s Performance

SEO is all about making your website look better to search engines. And the better search engines think your site is, the higher up they will show it in search results. If you want people to find your site, you need it to be as high as possible for your target keywords and phrases.

Be An Ethical Business

You need both other businesses and potential customers to view you in a positive light. One of the most important things is being seen as an ethical business. If you’re not willing to follow the rules of SEO, it’s not going to make your site or your brand look very good.

Do Well on Social Channels

Following the rules of good SEO practice can help you to improve your performance on social media. If people are able to find your site more easily, they’ll be more likely to share it. Your choices on your own social media pages can also help to boost your SEO.

Avoid Punishment By Search Engines

Search engines like Google don’t take kindly to you breaking the rules. If you engage in bad behavior, they might punish you for thinking you can boost your SEO the easy way.

Link-building SEO Infographic by E-Web Marketing

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