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How To Involve Your Community In Your Business

How To Involve Your Community In Your Business


A big part of owning a small business is getting to know your community. Whether you have an online business or a physical store that people can go to and get to know you personally doesn’t matter. The point is that your business is customer facing, so it makes sense that you should want people to get to know you for what you can do. A part of being a sustainable and community-oriented business is giving back to those around you.

A big part of giving back is knowing your audience. Do you have regulars who come in and buy from you or do you provide to everyone that comes past your store? The personal involvement that you have within the local community can only have a positive impact on your business and the business bottom line. We’ve got some great ideas to helping you get started in your community outreach.

Support Local Charity. As a business, you want to be seen to be giving to someone other than yourself. There are plenty of ideas at http://www.the-fund-raiser-.com/charity-auction-organizer/ to get you going, but you should start by choosing a charity that fits in with what you do as a business. If you sell fresh produce, then supporting the local supplier and raising money for their business is a good place to start. If there has been an incident locally, then making moves to get a group together to raise money for the community will put you into a good light.

Team Sponsorship. There are many businesses out there that reach out to local sports teams to support their efforts. Doing this in exchange for your company posters and logo to be up in public means the arrangement can be mutually beneficial. By injecting cash into a local sports team, you are supporting their efforts and are making sure that you are visible to the locals.

Scholarship. If you have the means to support a local educational establishment, you should absolutely look into it. Your business is going to flourish if you are supporting local children who want to work in your industry. The cost could cover either tuition or equipment, and even a small donation can cover books and other things that make studying easier.

Apprenticeship. Off the back of offering a scholarship, your company could be one that has students working for them either in work experience or by offering an apprenticeship if your business is one that supports the initiative.

Offer Space. Whether you are in a store or an office, offering your business space as somewhere for the local community and council to hold meetings is a great way to get involved. Meeting spaces can often be quite pricey, and you would be assisting in a way that can gain you some excellent customer loyalty.

Keep it in mind that your business could do so much more than just these suggestions – you just have to get creative in your ideas! Be a part of something and make your business shine.


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