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Juggling Work and Studies: How Do They Do It?

Juggling Work and Studies: How Do They Do It?


We talk a lot about managing stress while we’re at work. Hectic days, tight deadlines and a chaotic environment makes it a bit harder to focus on the task in front of you – so your mind jumps to the next one instead. We’re not going to talk about stress in the workplace today, though, as the situation could, in fact, be so much worse for most office workers; you could be balancing part-time studies next to your full-time job.

If you’re already trying to juggle all of this, you could probably need a motivation boost in the middle of the week. Here is a handful of soothing tips on how to achieve a balance between work and studies, so that you’re able to reach your career goals without compromising your health.

Map out your financial commitments

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a full-time job and part-time studies or the other way around; we need to make a living somehow, and many students find it impossible to live on bread and water alone while getting their degree.

Having a secure and stable income does a lot for your health too as you’ll be able to enjoy eating proper food every day and treat yourself to something new once in a while – or just avoid the tight grasp of credit card debt.

First, try to figure out how much you need to work to meet your financial commitments. You are, at the end of the day, getting a degree to further your career, and it just doesn’t make sense to pour all your energy into your job while those grades suffer.

Map out out a set of hours you have to juggle with your studies and aim towards working the bare minimum when you start to feel overwhelmed. Make sure the plan is realistic and tailored to your needs.

Use workplace flexibility

Your education benefits your employers too and you can ask for flexible work hours if it seems impossible to juggle the two without going crazy. Flexible working hours may mean that you reduce the amount of hours you work every week, maybe you can work a few days from home, or you can try to look for an online bba program if you’ve yet to start this balancing act.

Many business degrees offer online studies, and it makes it a lot easier to maintain a healthy balance as you’re not required to be at the university for every lecture. Combine online studies with flexible working hours, and you will even be able to have a life next to all of this.

Work smarter – not harder

Even when you’re able to get through your degree and a week of work without losing your sanity, you’d still like to perform as much as possible. Barely getting by isn’t quite what you’re after; graduating with a kickass degree and seeing your boss praise you for all the good work you’ve put in, on the other hand, that’s what makes us motivated.

Try to study and work a bit smarter rather than harder by using real-life work experiences when writing assignment – and trying to find time to read when the office isn’t too busy. It’s an exceptionally tough balance to find, in the beginning, but it becomes a lot easier once you’ve found your flow.

Become an avid note-taker during lectures or consider taping them so that you can repeat what you were supposed to learn a few hours after. Repetition is really key alongside understanding the theory and concepts; use the experience you have in the workplace, and you might just be able to nail the exam.To 

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