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The Keys to a Successful Business

The Keys to a Successful Business


Succeeding in business means balancing a number of spinning plates, it’s about making sure everything is performing well and keeping momentum so that everything can work together harmoniously. Maybe you’re new to business and are looking to get things off the ground, or perhaps things are already doing well but you want to drive them forward. Either way, here are some of the areas you should address, or metaphorical plates that you need to keep spinning.

Put Together a Fantastic Workforce

In order to succeed, it’s vital that your company has the right employees on board. Your workforce should be driven, good at their job and be team players- they should be able to interact and communicate effectively. Weed out employees that aren’t putting in the work, and spend some time making sure that any future team members you employ are carefully selected. Have a strict recruiting and interviewing process, be picky and follow up on all references. Get an understanding from past employees the kind of person and worker that they are.

Use Efficient Software

Manual methods for running your business can be time-consuming, costly and unreliable. Business softwares include everything from customer relationship management software, HR software, legal software, accounting software, presentation software and much more. They’re all things that can save time and money, and allow you to smoothly expand your operation. You’ll be able to hire fewer employees since this kind of software can easily tackle jobs in seconds which might take a human worker half a day to do.

Improve Your Office

Your office space should never be overlooked, it’s at the heart of your business and is the place you and your employees will be spending the most time As well as providing a practical space for you and your employees to work from, it makes a good impression to customers and clients too. A simple change of decor can make all the difference, a coat of paint in a light neutral shade on the walls will make it look clean and spacious. Lay down new hardwearing carpets, and dot around living plants. This is because plants have been shown by psychologists to boost productivity, plus they’re an unfussy and professional way to decorate.  The actual layout of your office is another thing that can make a big difference too, for example moving desks near to windows will allow workers get the benefit of natural light- another thing shown to boost productivity.  Most businesses will benefit from some single desks for private phone calls and one on one meetings and some larger collaborative areas for group work. Put together a comfortable area for staff to sit when they’re on breaks too, that way they don’t have to keep leaving the building. Some comfy chairs, some tables, a vending machine and a coffee machine will provide the basics, but you could go as elaborate with it as you wanted.

Go Global

If you’re really looking to become an empire, you need to go global. You will want to enter foreign markets and make sure your products and services are available to as many places across the globe as possible. This has become much easier thanks to the internet, although can be trickier if you’re shipping physical products. You might need to make small changes to make things more feasible, for example, if you’re shipping something which contains glass could this be changed to acrylic or plastic? You will also need to expand your production services to be able to cope with a global demand. Is your company ready to tackle the extra workload involved? You are likely to need more employees, managers, and additional departments in your company. You’ll need to secure excellent supply lines, it could be for anything from linear bearings to specialist machine parts to materials depending on what your business does. Either way, to expand and go global you need the right contact and access to the right materials and equipment.

Improve Your Website

Your website is one of the most crucial things to get right when it comes to business. Even if you don’t exclusively sell products online and are just a local business with a store, you need to have online presence. A good website shows that you’re professional and you’re more likely to be discovered by customers. It also means your information is accessible twenty-four seven, so even if you’re not open customers can find your site and work out if your business is right for them. Research has shown show that a good quality website generates more sales and will have better customer traffic, which isn’t surprising but worth pointing out. It’s something you simply can’t afford to get wrong. E-commerce sales have been shown to grow 10% each year in the US, and 19% worldwide so if you’re selling items from your site, make sure you have a proper storefront that looks tidy and professional. Work with a web designer to create a clean, crisp aesthetic that doesn’t look cluttered and be sure it’s presenting the very best of your business.

Have an App Created

When you had your website designed, your web designer will have made sure that it was optimised to all devices- so smartphones, tablets and computers. However, in addition to this, having an actual app created can do fantastic things for your business. It allows you to essentially get your business onto the phones of your customers and potential customers which is of course exactly where you want to be. Even more so now that sales on smartphones and tablets have now overtaken those on laptops and computers. Having an app allows you to communicate offers and deals through notifications, as well as making your business look reliable and trustworthy- this is because apps have to be verified. Find a great app designer, again freelance sites will have them or you could use a company. Have them design you something interesting and responsive.

Write An Engaging Blog

The benefits of blogging for business have been well established at this point, and this is something you should definitely consider implementing in your business if you’re not already. It can boost your company’s online presence, as well as help to grow your audience, get you more organic traffic and show your customers that you are a legitimate, trustworthy business who knows what they are talking about. If you didn’t want to write the content yourself, there are many talented freelance writers online that you could outsource to. Sign up to a freelancing site and post the job, once a number of writers have bid you can choose one based on their previous work or ratings. If you hire company for SEO services you will also make sure you’re using the right keywords and tags, which will get your posts out there as much as possible.

Tap Into the Magic of Marketing

In business, it’s not as simple as build it and they will come. In order to succeed you absolutely have to get your name out there, and to the right kinds of people. A ppc management company or marketing company will help you to yield the positive results you need by placing ads in the correct places online and creating campaigns for things like social media. They help you to understand your demographic and what kind of advertising materials should be used. If you want sales to pick up then this is an important area to address.

Ask For Reviews

By law you can’t provide compensation to customers in return for a positive review, however there’s no harm in politely asking them to do so. If you’ve provided a good service most will be happy to leave a review if you ask- if you link them to third-party review sites like Trustpilot or Reevoo then even better. That way other customers can see that people have used your business and had a good experience which can sway anyone who is sat on the fence to take a chance and make an order with you. Another option would be to work with bloggers, in this case, you could provide a product or service to them free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Plus with your link on their blog, it also gets you backlinks on high-quality sites which can improve your domain authority. Setting up a Facebook page where customers can leave reviews is another good idea, as the reviews are linked to the person’s account people can see that they’re legitimate and being left by real people.

Manufacture Your Own Products

Finally, if you’re the kind of business that sells products, manufacturing your own as opposed to outsourcing can save you heaps of cash. Manufacturing is a massive task and isn’t something to be taken lightly. However, if business is doing well, it makes sense to push things forward rather than keep paying another company to make things for you. When you do this, the company takes a cut out of your profits. Setting up your own manufacturing plant isn’t for the faint-hearted, there are tonnes of upfront costs since machines, vehicles, premises hire, and equipment alone is extremely expensive. On top of this, you also need to find the right workers and ensure that health and safety is up to scratch, which is a much bigger job in manufacturing  than it is most other kinds of workplaces. With things like power tools, machines, chemicals, high heat and more being use it bumps up the risk of injury tremendously.


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