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How To Kill It At Trade Shows

How To Kill It At Trade Shows


In today’s modern business environment, so many companies choose to conduct the majority of their marketing online. And while that’s definitely a smart way to promote your business and connect with your customers, it’s not the only way. Yes, there are dozens of online marketing methods that you can choose to harness as a part of your strategy, but if you’re choosing to do everything online, then you’re seriously missing out on some opportunities. Because some of the most effective marketing ideas come in the form of offline marketing, like trade shows. If you’re thinking of doing a trade show soon, then here’s what you need to do to make sure it’s a success.

Get A Great Spot

First of all, you’re going to want to try and secure yourself a spot that you’re going to be happy with. Everyone will have their own ideas about what constitutes as a good spot at a trade show, so you need to base your choice on what you want, and nothing else. Whether you need to pay for your space, or network with the organizers, do what you have to. You should also think about the ease of customers finding you, as well as who you’re likely to be placed next to, because both of these things matter.

Show Off

Then, with your place secured, you’re then going to need to think about setting up a stand that stands out. Whether you choose to go with 10×10 trade show booths or something that’s very tech-heavy, you need to both design what you want and get it ordered in time for the trade show to start. Regardless of the style you go for, you need to ensure that the overall look suits your brand and the message you’re trying to portray.


Next, you then need to be able to get prepared for the trade show itself. One of the first things you can do for this, is to ensure that you network online before you get there. If you want to drum up interest in your stand, then connecting with customers that might be attending, as well as other exhibitors before you go is always a great idea.

Talk Yourself Up

Then, you have to ensure that you conduct yourself well when you’re at the trade show. Whether you’re there for a day or a few days, you have to ensure that every moment counts. For this, you should have a planned out strategy for what you’re going to do when you’re there, as well as what to say when people approach. You get one shot to sell yourself, so do it well.

Get Those Leads!

And finally, you need to ensure that you can track your leads. The point of you being at the trade show is always to drum up business. These tips from top trade show lead generators should come in handy for you here. Because if you want to get the most out of your experience, you really need to give it your all.

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