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Do You Know Your Customers As Well As You Should?

Do You Know Your Customers As Well As You Should?


It might strike you as a preposterous question. Do you know your customers? Of course, you do, you might think. You’ve been in the industry long enough. You spend every day interfacing with them. But that’s not enough. In fact, that can be a detriment. That can become complacency that only broadens the divide between you and your target market over time. Here, we’re going to look at how to get to know your customers again and why it’s so important to the success of the business.

Be wary of the divide

There is a definite divide between you and your customers. Even if you have the same kind of passion as your biggest devotees, you are not on the same side of them. You might have aligned goals, but they might think about your products in a very different light that you do. You need to constantly reassess the value that your product is supposed to be offering to them. Be especially wary of that divide when it comes to marketing materials. Spend time creating the ideal customer and imagine that you’re having a conversation with them every time it comes to advertising or branded content. Sometimes, that divide is too great to speak in a way that’s genuine and connected, which is when outsourcing your online marketing can help. You might have need of a mind that’s used to putting themselves in a customer’s shoes.

Show your findings

Every time a customer interacts with the business isn’t just an opportunity to impress them and convert them. It’s a chance to learn about them. There’s data to be found everywhere. In your marketing results, in your website analysis, in your sales figures, in your email subscriptions. All of these are pieces of the puzzle that can help you form a more complete and perfect picture of your customer. And customer relationship management software can the missing piece that puts it all together. Look at different suites, finding the comparisons like Salesforce vs Sugarcrm to find the one that works better for you. After all, not businesses work alike. You might capture different data compared to others in the industry. You want the software that puts together the picture from the data you’re collecting.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Data is impersonal, of course. In business, art is as important as science. Beyond objective data, the subjective opinion can help you nail down the subtleties of the human experience that colors the whole interaction between business and customer. To that end, you should be willing to take the opportunity to ask for feedback. Just make sure you ask it when people are glad to give it. If people have subscribed to your emails, have interesting content to go alongside any emails asking for them to go along with a request to do a survey. In ecommerce, don’t interrupt the customer’s journey. Ask them for feedback after they’ve completed a purchase or after you’ve provided support. Not only will asking help you learn. But customers like the fact they get asked their opinion.

Knowing your customers is going to help you continue to evolve the business, to formulate a better brand, and to simply do better next time. Never assume that you know your customers. Keep getting to know them.



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