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The LadyBoss Guide to Starting Your Own Bakery

The LadyBoss Guide to Starting Your Own Bakery


Everyone loves cakes. Not only because cakes are a forbidden treat at any age – it’s generally associated with special occasions only – but also because there’s a cake for everyone. Bradfords bakery listed the main reasons why people buy cakes, and they found out that, surprisingly enough, the primary reason for buying a cake is simply because it’s there and you feel like it. What this means is that there’s demand for cake shops: People are happy to enjoy the sweet yumminess of a slice of cake or a cupcake on the way, even if they are not celebrating anything. In other words, opening a cake and tea shop in a busy area is a great way to start a business that puts a smile on people’s faces.

Finding a winning concept

There are hundreds of different concepts for a cake shop. So you need to consider the current competition in your area carefully. For instance, if there are already plenty of heavy and chain-produced cakeries. You may want to look for a small and homemade alternative. Or maybe a vegan take on the cake and tea business, so that you can appeal to vegans as well as health-conscious individuals who are looking for a treat. Have a look here for vegan inspiration. There’s another question that needs to be addressed about your cake shop decor. Should it be a futuristic looking decor? Are you looking for a vintage look like in an old French patisserie? Do you want sweet pastel colors or do you prefer a metallic decor? All these decors will appeal to a different kind of customer group. So choose wisely to fit the tastes of your target audience.

Getting the basics

You might be an experienced baker, but before you can open a cake & tea shop, you need to follow a few classes of professional bakery – so that you can feel confident with professional quantities – and health and safety in the catering industry. Additionally, you will need professional kitchen equipment, as you can’t run a cake shop with the appliances of a private kitchen. From professional dough mixers to elegant refrigerated display cases for your cakes, click here for a tour of the necessary cooking, display and storing equipment for your shop. Another important thing that you need to consider when selling food is to list all the ingredients and to make sure to separate in your storage area the ingredients that might cause allergies from the rest. IN short, make sure that the nuts can only be found in the nut cake and nowhere else.

Building the perfect atmosphere

Last, but not least, is the creation of a customer-friendly atmosphere that facilitates purchase and loyalty. This starts by recruiting the right people for the job: You want a friendly and competent team that will make your customers feel at ease. Additionally, you need to create a relaxing and friendly ambience, using background music, atmospheric lighting, and temperature controls. And why not offering your customers a free sample of your latest cake creations? People like getting things for free, and they’ll appreciate your gift.

At the heart of every new business, there’s a path to win customers over. In the case of a cake & tea shop, all you need is to appeal to their values – aesthetics and food – get the right preparation, and build a pocket of peace and sweet friendliness that your customers will love to visit. And remember, it’s a piece of cake!


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