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#LadyBoss Tips for a Fantastic Office Environment

#LadyBoss Tips for a Fantastic Office Environment


Everyone knows that the environment that we spend our time in can have a massive effect on us. It can impact on areas such as mood, productivity, and even how we interact socially. That is why if you have a small business or a startup you should definitely not neglect the office atmosphere that you are setting up. In fact, having a fantastic office environment is essential, so to find out how to get one, read on.

Consider comfort

First of all, most employees spend at least 7 hours a day in the office, and that is without working late or picking up any overtime. Meaning at least a third of their lives are lived in this environment. That is why it is vital that they are seated in a comfortable area, that they feel happy to work in. To do this, you may need to invest in ergonomic office items of furniture like a good office chair, and desk. Or at least provide back support for those spending long stretches of time seated and typing. Also for some employees, a desk screen giving them some privacy can work well too. As this limits outside distractions without cutting them off from the team environment. Something that can impact on connectedness and work flow.

Yes, some businesses owners may balk at the cost of these items, Especially at the point of starting up a company or when budgets are tight. As they may seem like seem like an unnecessary expense. However, providing a space that employees are comfortable in will pay off in the long run in staff retention and productivity.

Consider light

Something else that is important to consider in an office environment is light. No one wants to be stuffed into a dark corner, where the only light source is a flickering, humming strip bulb. As it can be both distracting and demotivating. That is why choosing offices with large windows, and natural lighting can make such difference.

Of course, it may not be possible to give everyone the amount of natural light that would be ideal. In this case, be sure to encourage regular breaks that are taken outside by providing picnic seating and covered areas. Then employees will at least get a proper quota of natural light daily. Something that should also improve their performance as well as their overall well being.

Consider Communication

Lastly, communication in any office is essential. That is why you should factor this in when laying out your office design. Yes, we have access to instant messaging, but there is nothing that brings a team together better than face to face communication. As an added bonus; it’s usually more productive to communicate in this way too, as workers can waste up to 61% of their day with emails!

That is why office environments that contain benches and open plan arrangements can work so well. So be sure to consider these when putting together the office environment that you want for your small business or startup.

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