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How to Maintain Your Core Customers as a Startup

How to Maintain Your Core Customers as a Startup


With all the downsides to being a startup, they have one major advantage that the big corporations don’t have; their fans love them. As you grow and progress, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a sense of likeability while still reaching out to new territories.

Here is a simple guide to how you can keep your core customers happy in the middle of all the changes your business is going through.

Set achievable customer service goals

How you structure your business and the processes you have for customer service may change a lot as you evolve as a company. That’s why so many startups grow out of their original customer base as they expand; the first few simply don’t identify with you anymore.

To maintain these as you grow, it’s important to develop measurable goals and regularly monitor your metrics. Think about how you define successful customer relationships and work on improving these areas, such as finding a more efficient trucking logistics provider to manage your shipping requirements – and make sure the provider you choose has implemented ways of measuring their effectiveness.

It has a lot to say for your customer, after all, and that’s what it’s all about when you want to keep the most loyal ones around for a while longer.

Keep asking for feedback

Most business owners know the importance of keeping their feedback channels open – but they don’t always realize how many channels they can make use of. When your customers tend to take their complaints to a public channel, such as social media, it might imply that you should improve the other areas which customers can get in touch with your company.

Small startups should consider outsourcing their customer service to a third party as they’ll gain an entire team of knowledge and support they’d otherwise be without.

As your company grows, however, you may want to let an inbound team take care of these processes to make sure the relationships to your customers are well-maintained.

Seal it with social proof

Never underestimate the value of social proof. Whenever one of your existing customers put in a good word for you, they’re giving your company their ‘stamp of approval’ – and they’re putting their credibility on the line.

By over-delivering and going out of your way to deliver up to their expectations, you’re also making sure their credibility isn’t ruined, and keeping them happy becomes a lot easier.

Make use of your customer testimonials, feature them on your website, and include their names and photos as well wherever possible.

Word-of-mouth and social proof is still the best marketing there is – also for young startups. Showing your customers how much you care goes beyond addressing the issues they contact you about; reach out to them on a regular basis, and you’ll ensure a good reputation and excellent relationships for your startups.

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