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Make The Most Of Your Employees To Be The Best Boss In Town

Make The Most Of Your Employees To Be The Best Boss In Town


If you’ve managed to take your startup to a place where you now have enough funds and justification to hire employees, it’s likely that you want to be the best boss around. Despite all the odds, you have made it, and your operation is chiming with enough people to provide you with the revenue to expand your time. This is likely to make you feel grateful and also no uncertain amount of relief that your business hasn’t failed because statistically, it was likely that it would.

However, now you have a team, and you’ve found the employees that you want in your team to help take your startup forward.

How do you become and stay the best boss in town? With these tips, your employee of the year award is guaranteed.


A great boss is an understanding boss. They are able to balance the needs they have from those they are paying salaries to, but also the requirements that an employee might have, such as attending a child band recital. It’s important to strike this balance now, while your business is intimate and small enough to support it. If the employee is willing to make up for their lack of attendance with more work the next week, be sure to afford them this potential.

A little flexibility applied in the right places can make you look like a caring, considerate boss who has your employees back. As a result, your employees are much more likely to be proud of working in your name, and will provide you with the best of their abilities. Make sure you observe well the employees that give you something back in return for your understanding though. Too much lenience can encourage staff insubordination because they think they will get away with it. Too little can promote an air of hostility. Strike a balance while the ‘small-team’ iron is hot.

Invest In Training

Your employees are only as good as you allow them to be. They provide a specialized skillset when they first arrive at your firm, but they need to keep this skillset updated, especially if you’re in an environment that makes use of modern technological trends. Invest in business training for your employees to stay on top of modern requirements.

Your employees are only as good as what they know, and it’s important more than ever to keep that knowledge updated in the modern age. Even if your employees needn’t use much modern technological utility (unlikely,), they can surely benefit from business methods that work, and time studying other companies to see what works and what doesn’t. A great boss sees her workforce like a constant investment-worthy resource. Be sure to do this.

Stay Present

In “How To Win Friends & Influence People,” written by Dale Carnegie, he teaches us about the importance of knowing people on a first name basis. Look people in the eye, and make an effort to learn something about every employee you hire. Afford them the respect you would afford someone equal to you regarding workplace rank.

Remember, no matter how increased your wage is compared to theirs, you should make an effort to stay present with your staff, to the point where they feel like you are one of them, not above them.

Remember, true leaders lead from the front.

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