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How to Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy and Treated Fairly

How to Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy and Treated Fairly


If you’re running your own business, chances are you’re the big boss of the place. And that means an awful lot of responsibility has fallen on your shoulders. Some things can be swept under the rug because of this, and we don’t mean to do it by any means! No one wants to willingly be a bad boss, but we can accidentally garner this reputation for ourselves. So, to fix our workplaces up a little with a good atmosphere and friendly co-workers, here’s some tips on making sure your employees are treated with all the fairness they deserve.

Try to Build Up Trust

This can be done very easily with some ground rules that are set from day one. Whilst rules are rigid by definition, don’t let them be inflexible when something proves to not work. That won’t earn you any favors after all!

So you need to lay out everything something is ever going to need to know from day one, instead of letting them make multiple mistakes learning as they go along. This reflects on them as a bad employee, despite that being wholly untrue, and paints you as an untrustworthy boss. Be upfront and don’t hide any criteria away; how can someone improve if they don’t know what they’re aiming for in a promotion criteria!

Let People be Recognized

Employees do good work, and when this happens, applaud them for it. Make sure to find out their preference before hand, as a private congratulations may be something they’re up for instead of being listed in a speech at the end of a project. Either way, make sure they know you know what they did for the company.

This keeps you in their good books, and allows further fostering of good ideas and contributions. If someone wasn’t recognized for their good work before, they’re unlikely to try and repeat that behavior. Unless they’re personally invested in the same way you are, you can’t blame employees for doing work that isn’t up to your own standard.

Strive to Pay All Overtime Hours

Unfortunately, some jobs have an easily abused rota when it comes to someone not getting the money they legally deserve for any work they complete outside of hours. A lot of people agree to cover other people’s shifts, and that’s fair, but similarly, some people can pass on their responsibilities to others even if this hasn’t be agreed upon; it’s rare but it happens.

For example, if you’re running a commercial cleaning company, you’re going to need everyone to write down their hours and to make sure no one is doing unpaid overtime. You’re likely all going to be at different sites to do multiple cleaning jobs at once, such is the versatility of this kind of business, so you’re not going to be able to keep an eye on everyone personally.

So fairness often has a definition that’s different for everyone, but if you treat employees all the same way, people simply can’t complain complain otherwise!

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