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Making Your Medical Clinic a Perfect Industry Fit

Making Your Medical Clinic a Perfect Industry Fit


The healthcare industry can be incredibly rewarding for medical clinics. Not only is it a marketplace that can offer opportunities to make serious money but it’s also a marketplace that offers your business the opportunity to improve the lives of so many people. That being said, it’s an incredibly competitive industry. Your medical clinic might be struggling to find its place in such a crowded market. With so many established and successful medical practices out there, how is your company going to stand out from the crowd? Well, the following pieces of advice should guide you on your journey towards making your medical clinic a perfect industry fit.

Use technology to improve efficiency.

The first step to creating a successful medical clinic which fits well in the industry is to use technology to improve efficiency. As we’ll discuss throughout this article, businesses in any industry are most likely to succeed when they streamline their costs and operations. You need to use your time and money well so that you can expand your clinic. And we’re not just talking about physical expansion; we’re talking about expanding your brand and client base. In terms of technology, you should consider using automated software to help you with this. In a frantic medical environment, automation is a necessary tool to ensure efficiency is maintained. Your team will have more time to focus on patients if they can quickly update medical records with a system that automatically organizes and structures information. Invoices for suppliers should be automatically generated too. Those are just a couple of examples.

You just need to think about daily business operations that can be handled by tech if you want to maintain the structure of your clinic’s average workday but simply speed things up so you can see more clients and deliver a more focused patient service. You have to think about existing tech that could be updated too. Maybe you could check out this secure fax machine designed specifically for healthcare businesses looking to send faxes via a mobile cloud service. Internet connectivity will give your clinic a reliable and faster way of sending faxes that will improve communication in the workplace. You’ll be able to fax one another from anywhere. Using technology to improve efficiency in your business is all about maximizing your clinic’s use of its time. Less time spent on admin work and communication means more time for your patients. It’s worth investing in new technology. You have to spend money to make money. If your business is efficient then it’ll impress patients, boost your reputation, and hopefully attract new customers.

Offer appointment slots after hours.

Continuing on the theme of technology, you could use the internet to essentially run a virtual branch of your clinic. You could offer to do video calls online so that you can offer appointment slots to patients after hours. This will maximize your profits because your business will still be able to offer medical assistance even when the physical practice is closed for the day. Obviously, you won’t be able to perform any medical procedures over the internet, but simply being able to talk to patients could give them some peace of mind until their next appointment at your actual clinic. This will really help to make your medical clinic a perfect industry fit because you’ll be offering a service that very few other medical practitioners provide.

With a virtual clinic, you’ll probably find that you stand out from other practices in your local area, and this will give you a unique brand identity. Just remember that your business is run by humans. You can’t force your medical professionals to work 24/7 or you’ll diminish the quality of the service you provide. You need a happy team if you’re going to deliver a happy service. Patient relationships are integral to the reputation of your brand, after all. With that in mind, make sure there’s still a cut-off point for appointments after hours. Your clinic probably shuts at 5pm, much the same as other medical practices in the area. So, simply offering virtual medical appointments until 7pm will be enough to make your business stand out from the crowd. It’s all about giving your patients added value. This is important for a business in any industry, but it’s crucial in the world of healthcare. Patients want to know that their physical and psychological wellbeing matters when they make an appointment with a medical expert. Offering appointments after hours shows people that your clinic has time for them.

Aim for growth by referral.

Another smart technique for any medical clinic that wants to take a bigger slice of the industry is to aim for growth by referral. Your existing patients are the best marketers you have at your disposal. That’s not to say you want more patients with health problems, but you do want to help people and make a profit to keep your business running. It’s a win-win situation, so both parties are happy. But if your clinic is going to grow via word-of-mouth marketing then you need to give your patients a reason to refer you. Maybe you could offer them a free check-up or a discount on medication for every person they encourage to sign up to your clinic. That would be a great way to incentivize patients to start spreading the word. You have to show your customers that you value their help and see them as more than means to an end.

Aim for growth by cutting costs and investing.

To find your clinic’s fit in the medical industry, you need to keep investing and developing your business model. Of course, to maximize the impact of this, you need as much funding as possible. But you might not necessarily need to boost your sales to achieve this. Focus on cutting costs, first. Lower overhead costs will lead to larger profit margins. And you don’t need to make damaging cuts. Just think of excess expenses. You could stop using paper and go digital, for example. You could insulate your building’s windows and walls to conserve heat and reduce your monthly energy bill. Think outside the box to save money and improve your company’s bottom line.

With larger profit margins, you’ll have more available funds for business growth. You just need to think about the investments which will best serve your clinic’s long-term goals. You might want to invest in a bigger building or perhaps a second branch if you’re going to expand your brand into a franchise. On a smaller level, you might want to outsource some operations. Every business needs to grow and evolve to stay relevant in a changing industry. This is certainly the case in the healthcare sector; new technologies and medical advancements are entering the market with every passing year. But if you want to grow effectively then you need to invest your money wisely. Outsourcing is smart because it’s cheaper than hiring new full-time workers on the payroll but you’ll still be offering a professional level of service and increasing your business’ output. If your clinic is going to grow and take a bigger chunk of the industry then you need to spend your money intelligently. Investments are important, but you might be able to stretch your expenditures further than you think.

Develop your clinic’s online brand.

Finally, another important way in which your medical clinic can find its place in the industry is to develop its online brand. Your internet presence has such a big impact on your ranking in your local medical marketplace. You’re probably in competition with other near-identical medical practices, so your brand is the only thing that really identifies you. And in the modern age, your digital image is one of the most important components of your company’s presentation. The majority of people don’t just search for nearby clinics on Google; they use search engines to get answers to their medical worries or queries. You should provide some helpful healthcare information on your clinic’s website if you want to improve your ranking on search result pages.

That’s what it all comes down to, at the end of the day. If you want your business to flourish online then you need to create engaging web content. But you can do more than post relevant medical advice to get in some keywords and reel in potential new clients. You can improve the design of your website too. A responsive layout will ensure that your site ranks highly on Google because the algorithms are looking for adaptability. Not only will that increase traffic to your site but hopefully attract some potential new patients as well. After all, if your website makes a good first impression then people will expect great things from your clinic too. A website that’s responsive will look well-designed on any device, regardless of the browser or screen size. That’ll demonstrate your professionalism, and this says a lot about your actual business.


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