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Marketing Worth: A Manifesto For Business Owners

Marketing Worth: A Manifesto For Business Owners


Stuff them in the bin! That is what we do, either physically or mentally to marketing materials that are obviously promotional and have no inherent worth for us as a consumer. However, this doesn’t seem to stop marketing departments churning out this type of content on a regular basis when what is really needed is something with a bit more value. Read on to find out more about how to create this improved type of content. Content that will build trust in your brand, get you noticed, and can have a direct impact on sales.

Do personalize to your target audience

Personalizing your marketing materials to a more specific target audience is something that can definitely add worth to any marketing campaign. This is because by making your materials relevant to your demographics’ lives you can speak directly to them. Allowing the message of how your product can help alleviate a certain issue to be heard.

There are various ways of doing this that you can use to your advantage. Some organizations find personalizing printed materials with names useful. As it gives them that little bit of extra time on the radar of the person to get their message read, without it heading straight for the bin. Other companies use digital ads spaces matched only to their target demographic to ensure maximum efficiency of the campaign they put out.

Do add value to your content through service

Follow the advice of Sabri Suby, the owner of the legendary marketing agency King Kong, and add as much value to the content of your marketing materials you can. It is certainly something that has worked for Suby. As he has managed to build up King Kong, largely on the basis that they offer a service to the customers, they are targeting for their clients.

So instead of shouting about how good a product is, they are providing advice through webinars, reports, and assessments. The information is given to potential customers whether they buy a product or not. Helping to build brand awareness and reputations as well as funneling leads back to the original client.

This is a development of the idea of service journalism that is so popular in marketing right now. Something that all companies can do in some way or another. The concept is that the marketing event becomes more like an exchange, rather than a one-sided grab for attention. With the potential customer being rewarded for their time with useful knowledge. Making the whole process more of a partnership that it has been before.

Don’t forgo quality for volume

Lastly, something that is closely linked to the idea of service and specialization is the notion that successful marketing is more about meaningful connections that it is about volume. That means instead of wide-reaching campaigns, smaller niche ones may be more useful.

This can work because when the focus is on specific groups and producing content value for those groups, it allows the marketers to produce higher quality materials. One that will have a more meaningful and measurable effect directly on sales. Making marketing a much more precise art that it has been in the past.

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