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Medical Equipment: The Basics And What They Do

Medical Equipment: The Basics And What They Do


Whether you’re training to be a doctor, or the medical industry just interests you. Here is a list of the most common medical equipment, along with how they actually work.


A thermometer is used for measuring a person’s body temperature. This is done by placing the tip of the instrument usually in their mouth under their tongue to see what their reading is.

The average body temperature a person should have is around 98.6 F, but it’s very normal for it to range between 97F to 99F. If a reading comes back that is over 100.4F, that will usually mean that the patient has a fever from some sort of illness or infection.

Infusion Pump

If you think you’ve never used infusion pumps before, you probably have, you just didn’t know it. It’s a device that delivers fluid into a patient’s body. This can be anything from nutrients to medicine, or even blood. They are used in every medical facility because it works in controlled amounts so it’s very reliable and efficient. People have even started using these as a home service in which a medical professional gives you all the best nutrients your body needs to make you feel revitalized again. Working especially well after heavy drinking from the night before.


These come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose that they are used for. The most common use being taking blood, or giving an injection. They all vary in liquid capacity which differs for each patient. One absolute must when dealing with syringes (or what medical professionals call ‘sharps’) is that there is a sharp bin close by. This works as the trash for all the pointy tools like syringes and scalpels, etc. They cannot be thrown into an ordinary bin because of the risk of diseases, so they require their own, that then gets disposed of properly by a separate service.


You will have most likely seen these in films. A defibrillator is what is used on someone’s chest to shock their heart if it has stopped beating. This works from the electric currents that are given from it which essentially zap the heart and jumpstarts it again.

There are actually many defibrillators available in public places now, like shopping centers, airports and train stations. They are there for any member of the public to use in the case of an emergency because heart problems are so serious, and time really does make a big difference in the victim’s survival.


A stethoscope is an acoustic device which listens to the sounds coming from inside your body – usually your heartbeat, but it can also be used to listen to your lungs and even the blood flow from your arteries and veins. The device consists of a flat, round piece that is covered with a very thin, tightly stretched film of plastic called a diaphragm. When put against your heart, the diaphragm vibrates, and then these high-frequency sounds are able to travel up the hollow plastic tubes (that are attached to the diaphragm) and into the hollow metal earpieces which are put in the professional’s ears, as if they were earphones.

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