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Mighty Fine Store Design Ideas

Mighty Fine Store Design Ideas


If you run your own store or you are about to open one up, the way you lay everything out can end up making a big difference to your sales. Big retailers make sure that everything is systemized so that they are taking their customers on a journey. Even the smallest details are meticulously thought about. To get you started, here are five of the store design ideas that can end up making a big difference to how successful your business is at selling the most products to your customers.

Wonderful Window Displays

The first thing that people will notice before they enter your store is the widow. In fact, this may be what entices them to enter in the first place. You want to display some of the items that sum up what your store is all about, while making sure that you don’t overwhelm potential customers by including too much. Highlighting any offers that you have going on at the time is a proven technique of getting people through the door.

First Impressions Count

Once you have got them through the door, it is time to make a great first impression. An eye-catching display is a good way to do this, so you could hang some signs using Clik Clik ceiling magnets to avoid the floor looking too cluttered. If you opt for lower shelving units, you give the opportunity for customers to look across the entire store rather than only the things directly in front of their eyeline.

Take Customers on a Journey

You should be aiming to take customers on a journey around your store, quite literally. Studies have shown that people like to naturally go around the store in a counterclockwise way, so set up your displays assuming this is what they will be doing. Be careful of aisles that lead to a dead end, as you ideally want customers to be able to navigate the store comfortably or they are likely to become frustrated.

Allow People to Take a Break

Long aisles that are totally uninterrupted make it more likely that people will skip over a big proportion of your merchandise, so you need to give them the chance to take breaks along the way. Some of the things which can provide a stopping point include signs or displays.

Change Displays Regularly

For people who visit your store on a regular basis, you should change your displays to keep them interested. If they come back a couple of times to find that everything has stayed the same, they may decide to go elsewhere. And it also gives you the opportunity to experiment and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Store layout and design is something that you should look into closely, and these five ideas will help to get you started. Ultimately, you should be creative in your approach, while making sure that the qualities of your products are there for all to see.  


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