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What You Need To Hit Your Target Market

What You Need To Hit Your Target Market


Why is finding the target audience or target customer so important for business owners? Well, actually there a few reasons why you should look for your target customer but before we get into why and how, let’s look at what a target customer actually is.

A target customer is the individual or group of individuals who will be most likely to buy or more interested in buying your product. They may take a little convincing, but they are probably already in a position where your product would prove useful or beneficial to them.

Let’s take an example of grass cutters. Perhaps your business sells grass cutters. Who is the target market here? Keeping it simple, the target market would be anyone who owns land with grass, and you could generalize that to homeowners. You can then narrow it by thinking about your grass cutters. Are they manual or electronic? Electronic will appeal to homeowners with large amounts of land while manual might be perfect for a keen gardener with a little backyard. You can now start to see who the target customer is and how we find them. But why are they important?

A Base You Can Count On

Not everyone is going to want to buy your product, as pointed out in the example. It doesn’t matter how broad of an appeal you think your product has, it’s never going to be universal. Your target customer, however, they will always want to buy because that’s who your product is designed for. As such, by knowing who your target customers are, you can make sure there are people who will buy your product. Expanding would be great, but before we hit the outliers, we have to get the customers right in the middle of the circle. They’re the most important, they’re your home base.

Understanding Your Customers

When you get started promoting your business, you’ll probably look at a variety of different tools and materials. For instance, you could explore the complete beginner’s guide to market research from theprauthority.com. If you do, you’ll learn why market research is important. One of the key benefits is that it allows you to know key details about the consumers buying your product. It allows you to connect with these customers, figure out what makes them tick, what they need and what they want.

Once you do this, you can then reshape your product, the promotion and even the packaging accordingly. If you know who’s buying your product you can design it to appeal directly to them and ensure they can’t resist it.

Use Your Marketing Budget Wisely

Last but not least the final benefit is just logical. If you know who is going to buy your product, you don’t need to market it and promote it towards everyone. You can run a tighter, cheaper marketing campaign and ensure that things do not grow out of control. As such, if you know who your target customer is you’ll be able to spend more money on other areas that perhaps will be more beneficial to you.


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