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Does Your Office Need a Makeover?

Does Your Office Need a Makeover?


The face of your workplace has a huge impact on the overall brand for your company. You’re not just trying to project a sterling image through advertising and marketing campaigns; you also want to show that you live up to your brand expectations behind the scenes. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your workplace looks the part. You need to treat your workers as you treat your customers; give them an environment in which they can work hard and play hard.

Dingy colors, segregated cubicles, and a sparse atmosphere can all lead to a deflated workforce and a business which doesn’t live up to the tall promises it most likely makes in its brand message. If you really want to lift the face of your workplace so that it lives up to the image you project then here are some pieces of advice for improvements that could make all the difference.

Practical improvements.

You need to think about improvements which not only make your office “appear” better on the surface but also have benefits for the workplace on a practical level. For example, creating an open-office plan with bright colors in its design is a move that will impress any visitors to the workplace and make the company look good in any images on its site. It’s also good for the employees on a practical level because, as mentioned in the introduction, surroundings really affect a person’s mindset. It could lead to a more productive workforce.

Safety is also a big factor when it comes to improving your workplace’s image on a practical basis. You want to prove that your business cares about looking after its employees by ensuring they work in an environment which keeps them safe and healthy. Giving staff members keycards to access certain floors or rooms in the building can help with this (to avoid intrusion). Taking note of potential safety hazards is your role as the employer too. You might also want to look into an exterior lighting maintenance services to ensure your office’s lighting is frequently maintained. Visibility is obviously a huge part of safety in a workplace, so regular maintenance will ensure your lights are always working.

Green design.

Whilst you’re improving the office layout, you should think about “green design”. Going for an eco-friendly approach has the benefits of both impressing your target audience and reducing your company’s costs. Did that capture your attention? Well, it should have done. Improve your workplace through small changes such as cutting out the need for paper usage; make everything digitally-processed and you’ll enter the modern age, save time, save money, and save trees. You could also reduce the need to use artificial lighting by naturally brightening the room; use sunlight pouring through the windows to brighten the workplace. Use mirrors to reflect light or perhaps even install new windows to achieve this effect. You’ll save yourself on energy bills and waste fewer resources by doing so.

Noise levels.

One final way in which you can improve the face of your workplace is by creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere rather than a chaotic one. Again, it’s about giving your employees a relaxing environment but it’s also about projecting the image of a relaxing environment. You might want to look into thick carpets or rubber mats that can help to absorb the sound of people walking around. People are going to make noise in a busy office but you have to make sure that noise isn’t going to affect other workers too severely.


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