Home Business Outgrown Your Business Premises? Make Choosing A New One Easier!
Outgrown Your Business Premises? Make Choosing A New One Easier!

Outgrown Your Business Premises? Make Choosing A New One Easier!


The chances are that when you first launched your business, the business premises that you picked was ideal. It was the right size, within your budget, and in the perfect location to help your venture grow. A few years on, however, and that’s no longer the case – you have begun to outgrow your business premises. You know that the time has come for a change of scenery and a new location, but the idea of moving your business to somewhere new is a little daunting, so you’ve been putting it off. However, you can’t put it off anymore, you need a new business premises, and that’s that. The question is, how should you go about choosing one?

Determine what’s wrong with your current premises

Before you begin looking for a new business premises, it makes sense to take the time to think about what’s wrong with your current location. Ask yourself how your company has outgrown it. Is there not enough space? Is the location wrong for your customer base – maybe this has changed since you first launched? Does the building have the wrong look? Is there not enough foot traffic? Before you start looking for a premises to move to, it’s vital that you determine what’s wrong with your current one. Otherwise, you could end up with a similar type of business premises when you move. Moving is stressful, even with a free moving checklist, which is why you want to find the right place to move to the first time around. It can be hard finding that perfect premises, but if you take your time and don’t rush things, you are more likely to find the ideal place.

Go central

Central business premises might cost more, but if you want to ensure that your business succeeds, a central business premise is a must. You want somewhere that gets plenty of foot traffic, somewhere that your business will get seen. If your business premises is hidden away somewhere, your chances of success will dwindle, even with the best marketing campaign in place. Despite the higher prices, it’s worth paying that little bit more for a business premises in a central location.

Find a building that fits your business image

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of picking a building or an area without thinking about whether it fits your brand image. If you are a business whose customer base is high end, then you need to select a business premises in a high-end location. You are unlikely to make a success of a fine dining establishment in the ‘bad’ end of town. However, if you were to pick a premises in the more luxurious area of the town, then your chances of success would be much higher – it’s about knowing your audience. It’s also important to ensure that the building itself is a good fit for your business and customer base, as how a business premises looks can impact a company’s success.

Choosing a new business premises isn’t an easy task, as there is a lot to consider. However, if you take note of the advice above, selecting that perfect premises should be made a little easier.

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