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Should You Outsource Your Online Marketing?

Should You Outsource Your Online Marketing?


It’s possible to take a DIY approach to most aspects of online marketing. However, for those that aren’t digitally savvy or simply don’t have the time, outsourcing various online marketing tasks can be useful. Here are some of the main digital marketing strategies that can be outsourced along with some handy pointers to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t choose them.

Web design

There are now many content management systems such as WordPress that can allow to create your own website for free without any coding knowledge. However, with so many people using these, you still need some design know how to avoid your website looking like a generic carbon copy of everyone else’s. It’s in these cases that a web design company can come in handy. Besides, some people with very little computer know-how may even find the idea of WordPress scary. Just make sure that if you are paying someone to do the job, you pay a professional company and not just a relative with some basic coding skills.

Social media management

Social media is becoming a more effective way of connecting with new potential customers, although it’s still a marketing method that’s very much in its early stages. It’s generally not worth investing in this unless you’re a larger sized company that really wants to create a professional image. Some companies can monitor feedback and reply promptly if someone says good or bad words about you online. Companies that offer to sell you likes should be avoided as this dishonest method is now being cracked down upon by Facebook.  If you are going to throw any money into social media as a small business, use Facebook and Twitter’s promoted post/page feature.

Online ads

Online ads aren’t something you can really do yourself without graphic design skills. Whilst there are free tools out there, you’re best pursuing a PPC advertising company. There are also other forms of online advertising that you can use such as video advertising before Youtube videos and moving ads.


SEO (or search engine optimization) is a way of improving your rankings on sites such as Google, so that whenever someone enters a certain keyword your site will come up near the top. In previous times, you were able to improve your rankings by spamming keywords on your website, but complex algorithms have no stopped this from being effective (besides, it doesn’t look very professional to visitors). Asking other site owners to promote your website on their blogs, sharing links to your website on social media and getting featured in online press can all increase your rankings, but quite often it’s easier hiring an SEO company that can do this quicker and more effectively.

Email marketing

You can outsource other companies to promote your business via email. However, this is usually not worthwhile. There’s already a lot of questioning over the effectiveness of emailing people promotions, especially strangers. However, email marketing can come in useful when trying to get press coverage or reviews from publications. A PR company is best suited for this purpose.  




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