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Plentiful Perks to Offer Your Employees

Plentiful Perks to Offer Your Employees


There are some essential benefits employees often look for when applying for jobs. These include medical insurance, paid time off, and agreeable parental leave and vacation time. As an employer, you don’t need to stop there if you want to attract the best talent and make your employees happy. You can also offer plenty of fun perks that are in no way essential, but that make working for you a whole lot better. Offering perks to your staff makes them happy, which makes them more productive. If you want them to do their best work, you have to treat them right. Here are some of the things you might consider giving them.

Celebrating Personal Occasions

Everyone loves a birthday. It’s a great excuse for cake, and some time to have a chat instead of working. A mini celebration when it’s someone’s birthday is an easy way to make everyone happy, and it doesn’t have to stop there. You can celebrate other personal achievements and events too, whether it’s by having an office party or by offering a gift. It shows that you care about your employee as people and you pay attention to what’s happening in their lives. You might recognize a wedding or a new baby, or even celebrate when someone’s child graduates from high school or college.

Social Events

Getting your staff to socialize with each other outside of work helps them to communicate better at work. It also presents an opportunity for you to see them socially and for everyone to be more relaxed and casual. Some companies throw corporate events on holidays or just because it’s a festive time of year. You might have a party for Christmas or during the summer, and perhaps invite your employees’ families to come along. If you want to take it a step further, you could even consider a company retreat. It could be a purely social occasion, or you could add some workshops and seminars.

Gym Memberships

Keeping your employees fit and healthy benefits your business. Healthy employees come to work more, and exercise makes people happy too. If you want to help your employees stay fit and please them with a fun perk, a gym membership is ideal. You could pay for their memberships in full or secure a discount. Some businesses even have their own gyms so that their employees can use it during their breaks or before and after work.

Fun Break Rooms

Most of the day is spent working, so employees value their breaks. While some like to sit quietly to recharge, others like to let off some steam by doing something fun. If you want to give your employees the best breaks possible, setting up a break room or even several spaces that work for everyone is a good way to do it. Your break rooms could feature anything from somewhere to nap to video games and a ping-pong table.

Make your workplace a fun one and people will be clamoring to work there. But make sure you back up your fun perks with a friendly work environment.

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