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Project Managers! Don’t Let These Errors Kill Your Project

Project Managers! Don’t Let These Errors Kill Your Project


Project management is one of the key elements to a successful business endeavor, whether you’re working in an IT-based office or manufacturing. Here are the errors you need to avoid!

Assigning the wrong person to lead

There are people who seem born to lead. And then there are people who are quite clearly not all that great at getting people behind a particular project. When it comes to the pre-planning stages, a lot of the focus will be on resource allocation. Employees, technology, and funds will generally be discussed in great detail. But a lot of companies make the mistake of not applying that same thoroughness to who they pick to run the project. The leads tend to be picked because they happen to be available, as opposed to a decision based on their skill set. This may doom your project!

Taking on too many projects

This is a very common in IT-based companies. A lot of business owners assume that their company will get so much more done in less time if they take on several projects at once. The problem here, of course, is that you end up throttling resources for each project way too much! Some will attempt to tackle this by having leads oversee more than one project, or having projects share team members. But multitasking has been proven time and again to be a productivity killer!

Failure to implement failsafes

You need to consider the things that can go wrong on your project so that you can plan ways to prevent them occurring. Let’s say you running a factory project for which you’ve had to introduce some new equipment. Have you considered all the things that can go wrong? This can be the best way to prevent problems with that equipment. If you’re dealing with water tanks, for example, understanding the risk of leaks can lead you to explore preventive measures. You can read more at https://www.abestmeter.com/non-contact-level-sensor-switch/. A lot of leads tend to focus purely on getting the right things to occur, instead of focussing on potential failures and dangers, which can be a much more productive way of going about things.

Too many meetings

Yes, a lack of communication can definitely spell doom for a project. But don’t let fear of this occurring translate into a tendency to get everyone in a meeting every day. While a quick catch-up at the start of a shift can work really well – you can read more about these sort of ‘stand-up’ meetings at https://www.scrumalliance.org/community/articles/2012/june/how-to-use-the-daily-stand-up-meeting-effectively – frequent, full-blown meetings are nothing but a productivity killer. They just pull people away from what they’re supposed to be doing!

Poor deadlines

Finally, you need to be careful not to be aggressive or optimistic when it comes to setting project deadlines. This can be an extremely tricky balance to meet! You don’t want to push employees too much, but you don’t want to give them too much slack either. Check out http://www.lifehack.org/articles/featured/22-tips-for-effective-deadlines.html. It can help you find a deadline that will communicate importance while not pushing employees to breaking point.



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