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The Rules of Successful Branding

The Rules of Successful Branding


Today’s world is a world of brands. Many of the decisions that people make during the daily lives is based on the strength of brands – where they do their shopping, what bar or restaurant they go to in the evening, which products they love and hate. Successful branding isn’t simply about getting instant sales. It is the gradual process of building a reputation that will provide long-term results. With this in mind, let’s go over the common stages of branding.


Your brand has to be something that stands out so that people recognize it ahead of your competitors. People are much more likely to buy something that they recognize. Your logo plays a big role in this, and it is something that is worth careful consideration. Different company sectors have different logo types, so whether you are looking to create a DIY logo or a beauty logo, everything from the color scheme to the font will vary massively. Once you have achieved recognition, you move onto the next stage.


Awareness is achieved when people start specifically shopping for your brand when they are looking for that specific product or service. The brand usually needs to be seen a few times before awareness is achieved. This may be through advertising, marketing, word of mouth or simply just seeing the logo several times.


People tend to be less trusting of traditional advertising methods these days, and there is no doubt that peer reviews are very powerful. But they can also come from third party publications, celebrities or endorsements from industry bodies. Once the prospective customer has seen or heard one or more reviews, they will begin to become more confident about their purchasing decision.


Once a brand starts to grow in stature, it also begins to develop a reputation for certain attributes. It may be low prices, excellent customer service or exceptional quality. At this stage, customers have certain expectations of that particular brand and it is up to the business to make sure they receive the same product each and every time to maintain this reputation.


If you can give customers a high-level experience each and every time they come to you, they are much more likely to become brand loyal and come back time and time again. Not only this, you will develop your own set of brand ambassadors who are more likely to shout about the quality of your business to other people.


Many business owners will tell you that retaining customers is challenging but rewarding work. Rather than having to try to convert new people, you are selling to people who already know your business. So, keeping in their consciousness is important through marketing and offering them rewards to encourage their loyalty.

These six stages are what is involved in branding a business successfully. Building a successful brand is never going to be easy, but the rewards are there to be reaped if you put in the work.

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